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Life Lessons Weekend Edition


Dearly Loved Friends-
Today is its Friday! I, Alex Mason, decree and declare this day be: TOTALLY AWESOME FRIDAY! WHOOO-HOOOOO! It finally came back! YES!!! WEEKEND, HERE WE COME!
I decided to try my hand at comedy (U CAN LAUGH IF U WANT 2!)
There are just some things I just don’t understand, like why dogs that wear sweaters, I mean what’s up with that? They have fur that keeps them warm!
It seems like I should know a lot about the high tech gadgets but sadly I don’t. I don’t understand how to use a “smart phone”, probably because it’s smarter than me!
Life is just filled with things we don’t understand, you ever notice that? I don’t understand Twitter. Why would I want tell the whole world what I am doing? I don’t use Twitter because I feel like a twit when I tweet! (HEHEHE!) (Although I am on Twitter, I just don’t use it)
Who comes up with the names for the social networks? Facebook is weird name for a website where everyone goes to find every detail about you that they possibly can! It’s like putting up a sign that says, “Welcome to my life”
How about MySpace? If it’s “My Space” how come everyone else can see it? Kind of an oxymoron don’t ya think?
What’s with all of the different Social Networking sites? There’s Instagram and FourSquare. What is FourSquare? Some kind of a game? What’s Instagram? Could all you supposedly “Smart” people please stop inventing these social networks? It’s too confusing!!
I know what Yelp! is but only because my friend is on it and regularly posts her complaints on it! Evidently that’s what that site is for, complaining, what a cop out! Can’t say it to their face so write it on a website! That’s a new low!
I like my BlackBerry and I don’t plan on ever getting an IPhone, one of my friends has an IPhone and he is constantly forgetting how to turn it on! How ridiculous is that!
Well, my friends that’s it for today! Have a great weekend! Keep Laughing!!
HAVE A TOTALLY AWESOME FRIDAY! Let me know how your weekend went on Facebook ( or you can e-mail me @!
In His Grip,
Alex (Jer. 29:11)
Mood: giggly
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