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  Religion & Philosophy

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midnightmum (2)


9:10 AM   [11 Oct 2012 | Thursday]

The adjustment and changes in my life after my miracle

 My personal miracle healing came on suddenly, I went from an invalid to being functional in a matter of minutes. The disease had taken everything from me, my plans for my future, my goals, my dreams, my hobbies, it had taken everything from me. Prior to my healing; my future and the way I saw myself was only dying and seeking death. 

At the time I was healed my wife and I were in shock, yes we were elated, but we both had the feeling of is this really happening. I remember reaching for the doorknob to let our dogs outside, it was in the wrong place and the door had shrunk, I actually thought my head was going to hit the door frame. Imagine the scene from Tom Hanks movie "big" when he went from being child size to being adult size. Everything was brand new, every experience was from a new perspective. There was and still is a first time for each experience. In fact, while I was crippled my bedroom was the living room for a number of  reasons: Our bedroom  was to small to accomadate the wheelchair, the bed was to high for me to transfer. My bed was the couch; the night of my miracle I slept in our bed for the first time, in well over a year. The first full day of being made whole found me telling my wife every first experience with excitement! 

Spiritually I was a new  man as well. I praise and thank God everyday and for each new experience. Before my healing I had just accepted Jesus as my Savior in 2011 and had been baptized in my wheelchair in April of 2011, so I was and am a new believer. Yet, at the time I really hadn't changed much. I still listened to heavy metal, watched science fiction and horror movies and actually hadn't allowed the Lord to work on my heart. That changed dramatically immediately following my healing, I seek to know God. I have become sensitive to many things, my taste in music, tv shows, movies and books has all changed. When I was healed, God touched and changed my very heart. I now only listen to contemporary Christian music. Not only have my tastes changed, but the Holy Bible has become alive for me, no longer just stories from a past time, but truly Words from the Father, the meanings have changed and the Holy Spirit teaches me from them. Change has come without strife, the transition effortless. I now live only to do God's Will. By Jesus' finished work I am healed and a new man. 

I will continue to write of my experiences as The Holy Spirit directs me, I pray this may help someone who reads this. I have tried unsuccesfully to upload a video of my testimony so here is the youtube link. I also wish to say that In Jesus the Healing is for all believers. This is not a matter of "it only happens to the other person". NO it is for all Believers, Jesus did the work for us and conquered all. In Jesus we are made whole!


Mood: thankful
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blotfree | Thu Oct 11, 2012, 15:10

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God bless you, indeed God works in mysterious ways. Continue to spread His word and your experience with Him 


midnightmum | Thu Oct 11, 2012, 17:10

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Praise God!

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