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Life Lessons 3


Dearly Loved Friends,
Today’s topic should be of great interest to everyone. Today it’s all about CHOICES! That’s right we are going to get down and dirty talking about CHOICES! So sweet, right? I mean c’mon how often do you get a chance to read a great love letter that gives you bits and pieces of valuable spiritual wisdom from a totally unknown writer who loves you even though she’s never even seen you? Not very often, right?
Today when we got up from our beds we made a series of choices: Coffee, breakfast, shower, brush teeth, clothes, walk the dog, go to work? I mean this just as generalization so if this doesn’t fit you just imagine a list that does. Okay so we make choices everyday: What to wear, what clothes to wash, to clean or not to clean, whether or not to eat that cold pizza for breakfast, what kind of coffee to get at Starbucks, what to order at McDonalds and whether or not to use the turn signal.
But how often do we really think about the choices we make in our relationship with God? In the Bible, Daniel who was a boy at the time made a choice not to accept food from the king’s table but to instead fast with only water and vegetables and whole grains for 10 days and it turned out pretty good for him. You see choices are important! Not just the routine ones but the unconscious ones you make without knowing it will turn out! Scary stuff!
If you are tempted, please pray!!! God hears you! Do not give in! God will deliver you from the temptation blocking you!!
Guess what God is jealous for you because he loves you so much! He wants to build great character traits in you so the choices you make do make a difference! If you have children, teach them good character! Teach them to love God and to know him early!
Oh how He loves us, He loves us so much that He died on an old rugged Cross for us!
Please don’t make a choice right now to ignore this! Pay attention!! Choices are all around you they stare you in the face each and every day!
Don’t wait make the choice, sweet ones, live for GOD NOW!
Please e-mail me! I wanna hear from you! (
Love to all in our Precious Lord Jesus Christ,
Alex (Jer. 29:11)
Mood: cheerful
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