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Gender: Male
Status: Married
Age: 53 Years

State: VA
Country: United States

Signup Date: 10/09/2012

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:09 PM   [10 Oct 2012 | Wednesday]

My Miracle Healing

Independance Day 2012, is now not only a national holiday, it is also the day that God worked a miracle in my life; for His Glory. I had an unknown neurological disease, the symptoms were many, it affected nearly every part of my body. Three years ago it manifested itself and quickly crippled me. The symptoms of the disease was: an agonizing headache, trouble swallowing, slurring of speech so bad that at times I couldn't be understood, my fingers were permanately clenched in a fist, my arms so weak I could only lift them a few inches, my stomach had completely stopped working (I could only sip ensure and small amounts of baby food), my bowels and bladder were not working as well, and lastly my legs were paralyzed which put me in a wheelchair. I was literally dying and had given up. I often contemplated suicide, but really couldn't figure out how to end my life. My body was my prison, my life was useless. In my thinking, I was a burden to my wife, who had to tend to me constantly. I had gone from an independant,strong man to an invalid in a matter of a year or two. In 2011 I was baptized in a wheelchair and had excepted Christ. In the future I will write more about what I went through emotionally, for now I'll simply say that I started out courageously fighting it. One time after falling out of the wheelchair I laid on the floor for two or three hours, refusing help from my wife. I finally somehow managed to get back in the chair. Then I felt rage and self-pity and then I finally accepted my fate and longed for death.

On July the 4th it started a normal day in the prison of my body. Yet, that morning I contemplated on Jesus' finished work His death and resurrection. That afternoon I had gone to a web-site about a technique using acupressure and affirmations (it should also be noted that I had spinal stenosis as well, causing extreme pain). Well after reading about this I decided to do it, although I knew it wouldn't work. I changed the affirmations to a prayer and also stating "In the Name of Jesus". I did this three times for the back pain. It went away, I was amazed and thanked the Lord. I did  this for my hands three times and my fingers moved. I thanked and praised the Lord and showed  my wife. I told her Jesus be willing I will be back walking. I drove back to the living room and did it again for my legs, at this point I was less focused on the technique and really just praying. My legs moved to the floor, I asked Jesus not to let me fall and then I stood up and walked quite unsteadily to show my wife. Praise and Glory to God!

That evening we attended a church function, which I drove us to. I hadn't been able to drive in almost three years. It was there that everyone was amazed and thanked and praised the Lord! Also, an elder and his wife took us to Cracker Barrel in which I ate my first full meal in over a year. It should be noted that my legs was the last time I used the technique, the rest of my symptoms were healed throughout that night. Another note is that my original height was 5'7 and a half due to my spinal stenosis prior to the neurological disease I had shrunk to 5'5''. Well, a few days later my home health care physical therapist measured me and I was 5'6'' and then a week later 5'7''!! All of my home health caretakers were amazed as were my doctors. I see my neurologist in December, which I can't wait for as it will be another opportunity for God's Glory to shine! There is much more to tell, but the rest will wait for another day. I am continuing to build muscle slowly but surely, in the meantime I thank and praise the Lord every morning as I stand up from my bed!



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Deborah777 | Wed Oct 10, 2012, 14:10

 I am Deborah777 and Saul's wife. I am a witness that everying he says about his healing is truth and light. I was a daily witness to  his illness and to the day he was healed.To God goes all the glory and to our Lord Jesus Christ and soon coming King. Amen and Amen.

CrowBear33 | Thu Mar 07, 2013, 17:03

this user is offline now

 Praise Jesus brother! Your testimony has blessed me, and has encouraged me as well. I am trusting in The Lord for healing for my wife who suffers from Lupus. I am believing that she will be healed, and I ask that you would lift her up in prayer for she is in the hospital right now for related heart problems. Her name is Cherrish. Many blessings to you and your wife Saul. 

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