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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:56 PM   [16 Sep 2012 | Sunday]


The Bible is without a doubt the most important and miraculous document ever written, that is, depending upon which Bible you are using. But, let us assume that we are reading the Authorized KJV, and this is from where we begin our study of biblical doctrine. It is the only book ever written that contains everything that we need to know about every aspect of life, and most importantly, how to achieve salvation… Unfortunately, we as humans do not have the capability to understand the magnitude of the importance of this document, but we can grasp the concept of the value of the contents if we study consciously to learn some of what is being offered to us. But, let us examine what the word “study” means. It indicates intense investigation of whatever we are studying in order to learn what is being taught. Sitting in a comfortable chair in a quiet room reading the Bible is not study, but many people feel that it makes them feel better and this is how they read this book. Of course, they would feel better whatever they were reading because they have placed themselves into a position of relaxation where the cares of the world are forgotten for the time that they are reading…

Real Bible study is to read each story concentrating on many various aspects; who is speaking, who is listening, what are they speaking about, where are they, what is the lesson that we are being taught and many other parts of the process of studying are necessary to grasp what is being said or done to give us information. We must always remember that these words are from God and that will give us some indication of their importance…

Many people complain that the KJV is very difficult to read because it is written in Old English, but that is an important part of the studying process. We must pause our reading and look up what certain words or phrases mean and then go back and put them into context and find the true lesson that is being offered. This is important because many times, we just begin to read and our mind wanders because we are not in a state of concentration. The Bible is not a novel designed to entertain our minds, but it is a document in which is found the understanding of every human aspect and how we should handle every situation that we encounter in life…

It is essential to read the Old Testament in order to understand much of the New Testament lessons. Certainly, much of the Old Testament prophesy directly relates to New Testament stories, but there are some that only relate to Old Testament times and are less, but not, important for us to study, however they do show the foreknowledge of God and His ability to know all things. Also, the Old Testament gives us the wisdom given to Solomon, and Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are filled with incredible understanding of the nature of man, and we see these human attributes developing in the people of the New Testament…

Studying the Bible is clearly the most important event in the life of every person, or least to those who want to reach paradise. There is no other way of finding the path except through the lessons and doctrine of the words of God. Owning a Bible and using it as coffee table decoration is not going to get anyone home to God. Reading it as if it is a novel and a means of relaxation will help reduce the stress of life but will not get the person home either. The person who understands that it is the only place where we can find the requirements for salvation will find that the lessons have many and deeper meanings each time we read them. It is a never ending exercise for the true believer and the rewards both here on Earth and later in Heaven cannot be described !!!


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