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Snipitz - A humorous look at my life and God's interaction in it.

Snipitz - Be Still And Know That I Am...

It was a very cold winter and the snow had been falling relentlessly around the area.

I was taking it cautiously not wanting to slide into another vehicle or even worse shoot over the edge of an embankment because I could not turn.

Soon the family and I reached an area where the pavement looked beautiful.

The asphalt was charcoal black and the sun shone brightly in the sky.

It was such a relief as I felt my tires contact the firm black top and start to roll smoothly forward

My sigh audible to all those in the van...

My once white knuckles returning to their normal OFF white state..

We were past the worst...and I can relax and accelerate.

Gliding gracefully down the interstate headed for a Sunday morning service in which I was the guest speaker.

I had it all right there with me. This was going to be good. I loved the sermon I had prepared. I had followed the the bulletin, used the recommended scripture and topic, even added some multi-media so that the kids could enjoy. I could almost hear the accolades of..

Great Sermon ...

Wonderful message, Dale

I smiled and sang along with my Ipod as it played over the car stereo. Singing along with Chris Tomlin, Michael Card and others. Life was wonderful and we were going to have a great time and the people where going to love what I had prepared for them .

So as we got within about ten miles or so of the church I did the usual pat down test to make sure I had my materials ready for the service.

One by one I checked them off in my mind...

Music for the service?...




Notes for the Sermon...

Check... .

I was as ready as I could be.

This morning, however God had something else in mind for me.

I looked over at my family and said Sure glad there is NO black ice on the road today.

Let me pause right here and ask if you all remember the scene from the movie Bambi where Bambi hits the ice and spins around, all four legs sprawled as he spun...and Thumper laughed?

Good... now that you have that image in your head let me say that God chose THAT moment to let it play out in front of me in real life.

No sooner than the above words had spilled out of my mouth I caught a glimpse of a very large animal making its way towards the highway.

With animal grace and agility he made a small leap and all 4 hooves hit the ice covered asphalt...

I watched as his legs did the dance of a thousand missteps. Flailing everywhere trying to catch hold. I could hear Scott Hamilton (the Olympic figure skating analyst) saying.

Oh, I don't think this is his day today. The judges are certainly going to take off points for that. As the dear's backside hit the pavement and he spun in circles across the blacktop. Thumper and Flower had to have been somewhere close laughing hysterically.

If you have ever seen a deer stop and look at you when your head lights shine upon him then you know that look of panic, fear and the almost audible thought of What in the world happened and what do I do now? coming from the deer as he stands frozen in your path...

As our eyes met, I swear I was Dr. Doolittle, I could hear him say Holy Cow...Did you see that? and Please don't hit me

My eyes were bulging out of my head like some sort of cartoon.

I was panicked... I did not know which way to go and I was heading straight into the slick black ice that I had so desperately tried to avoid.

My very instinct was to slam on the avoid the oncoming train wreck.

I was able to resist that urge...

but judging from the sound of a foot slamming repeatedly onto the imaginary break on the passenger side, my wife could not.

I will take a moment right here to thank God that humanity has NOT chosen to equip cars with two steering wheels and two breaks. If we did then my family would never get out of the driveway.

Not that my wife or I backseat drive...just that we can not agree on things like, When to turn, or break. What the shortest route to our destination is or where we are going out to eat.

Now I have a GPS that tells me where to go...

But I am a guy... I don't listen to her much either.

The deer and I both came to a stop at the same time and we stood frozen in time. Finally with wobbly legs he stood up and scampered off into the nearby thicket...I am sure he went there to lose his lunch.

I stepped on the accelerator with MY wobbly legs and considered returning my donuts and coffee back to the earth from whence it came...just not in the same shape.

As my heart slowed to a normal rhythm I recounted in my mind the events of the last few moments...

It was then that I heard the chuckle...then another...and then full blown laughter coming from the seats behind me...

I looked up as my daughter stated between full belly laughs... that was just like Bambi ...

and the whole family erupted in joyous laughter.

I never did give the sermon that I had prepared that day.

By the time I got to the church God had lead me in another direction.

He reminded me that day, that very moment whom was in charge.

He is.

He also reminded me that it is not for my glory that I spread the word of God, but for His, that I must always be prepared to go where He leads, whether by foot, car or by words.

That morning I shared the message of being still and listening to the voice of God. I sang the song Voice of Truth and I did it all with a tear and some laughter.

Twice in the Show M*A*S*H the character Dr. Sidney Freeman gave advice to the group at the 4077. first in an early episode and then again in the final one.

Sometimes: he says, you need to take down your pants and slide on the ice

Meaning that the world is serious enough without us adding to it. We need to remember to take a moment and enjoy what life has to offer.

What He has to offer.

To take a moment EACH day to just shut up and listen.

To let God say to YOU be still, and know that I am God.

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