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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:58 PM   [07 Sep 2012 | Friday]


The Bible tells us that very few will reach New Jerusalem and so we must believe that this statement is true. Jesus speaks to this issue many times and these words should be taken as a warning, but for some reason, everyone believes that they are going to pass through the gates regardless of how they choose to do it. The Bible is very specific about the process of becoming a child of God, but again, many disregard these requirements and still think that they are fine. God made the rules and He is not about to change them or alter them just because it is convenient for many people that decide to use an altered bible as the basis of their beliefs…

God made humans and gave them the ability to reason, but when it comes to the issue of following the rules of God, it seems that reasoning capability gets lost. Or, perhaps these individuals are getting help in making such a disastrous error… Satan could not be happier if he gets people to believe a lie and that lie prevents those souls from reaching eternal salvation. When we were told that very few souls will reach heaven, we must assume that the only way that it will happen is if we follow the God given rules. If there were more ways of achieving our goal, then we would have been given alternative methods, but we were not… And, we were not because there are no other ways although many bibles alter the way God prescribed and people think it will be fine with God. Again, Satan has to be involved with this aspect of the issue because it is going to cause many people to be very surprised when they reach the gate and cannot gain access. And Satan will be there smiling because he succeeded in his plan that began a long time ago.

After the original rules were established, people began to change them for any number of reasons, just like with the Old Testament laws. We can be certain that Satan was involved with that also, but the New Testament rules began to get altered until in some cases, these changes are difficult to imagine or even understand. But, as time went along, people accepted these alterations and truly believe that they are fine. We must remember that if a lie is around long enough, it is accepted as the truth and that is what has happened with the incredible number of different denominations, but it is still a lie. It is not the fault of the people that follow these altered rules, however they are the ones that are going to suffer as a result, and that makes Satan very happy…

We were not told that very few will pass through the gate because Jesus was just thinking of things to say to the people, He was telling the people, and that includes all of us, to listen to His warnings and pay attention to the results of our decisions. Satan will be at everyone that is on the wrong path convincing them that they are fine and he will never give up… We are humans with the ability to reason and that ability should lead us to only one conclusion, and that is to reach our goal that we must follow the rules of God. Satan has been extremely successful over the many years that he has convinced people to one: alter the words of God, and two: to convince people that they are fine and will pass through the gate.

All people have to do is to consider if it makes any sense for God to have given us requirements and then disregard His own rules at the time of judgment. It is not necessary to quote scripture in this aspect, all it takes is to use the ability to think and reason and there is only one answer that will emerge from your mind. If some individuals think that the Spirit will guide them, they are making another error in judgment because the Spirit is only given to the true children of God… But, everyone is continually receiving the counsel of Satan, and now is the time to stop listening to his lies !!!

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