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Gender: Male
Age: 76 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:58 PM   [03 Sep 2012 | Monday]


Faith is moving forward with your beliefs in spite of all doubts and theoretically scientific evidence to the opposite. No one has seen God at any time and yet many believe in Him and have great faith that He exists and is the Creator of all things. And, there are those skeptical individuals that think that there are events that are mere coincidence and are not controlled by anything other than fate. Faith is perhaps the most significant element to Christian living and God loves people with great faith. It is easy to have faith in something or someone that we have seen, but to believe and trust your lives to something or someone that no one has ever seen, takes great faith and courage. But, we have all seen the evidence of God in many aspects of our lives, and there are many of us that would not be here without Divine intervention at various times in our lives…

But, God does not just accept a person that claims to have faith. We are being tested all of the time, and sometimes the test is very difficult. When we are faced with a difficult trail of our faith, just consider Abraham and what he was asked to do to demonstrate his faith. It is fairly certain that none of us will ever be tested to that point, but we will all be tested at least once with a very difficult trail and perhaps we will be tested more than once with very tough trails of our faith. Often as we move along and our lives seem to be going smoothly, we have a tendency to relax our reliance on God and maybe believe that we have been the catalyst of our good fortune. When that begins to happen, do not be surprised when all of a sudden things begin to change and we will be facing a new trail to test our faith, and also to remind us Who is in control…

We can also be certain that Satan will be testing us also. His favorite method of influence is causing doubt to enter our minds and sometimes our hearts. Doubt is always in conflict with faith, but once we recognize that Satan is pushing our buttons, it becomes easier to cast him aside. Both aspects are good for us to increase our faith. The more that we are tested by Satan and recognize that attack, the easier it becomes to overcome him. And the more we are tested by God, the stronger our faith becomes because we recognize that there is a reason for our being tested and we become more aware of His existence.

Worrying and being concerned does not demonstrate strong faith and we should realize that point. We have been promised by God that we will have all that we need and if we begin to worry about our future, it shows that our trust in that promise is weak. And, the reality is that almost all of the things about which we were concerned, never happen. But, if they do happen, we should look into the mirror to find the cause because most of the time our worries caused us to do things that created the problem about which we were concerned…

God does not lie and if He says that we will have what we need, then that should be the end of it. It is very difficult not to be concerned considering the situation that the world has created for us all, but do not let Satan convince you that because we all have had to suffer because of the stupidity and greed of our leaders that got us into this mess that we, as adopted children of God, need to join the rest of the world and worry ourselves sick over things that we have no control of. Have faith in God and what He has promised to us, because He is standing right next to you and will not let you fall !!!

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