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Amazing Story: One Small Act

Never think your one “small” act is too small to actually do. It may just be that one act of kindness that saves or changes a life. Enjoy this short story of a man who did one small act of kindness, which ended up saving lives.

A young man was hired by an older gentleman to paint a little row boat. As he was painting the row boat red, he noticed the paint seeping into the wood at the very bottom...

of the boat. As he looked closer, he realized that the wood was rotten. So, just on his own, not being paid to do it and without any mention of it, he repaired the bottom of the boat.

After the boat’s return to the owner, he was then paid for the paint job and he went his way.

The next day, the older gentleman went rushing to the younger man’s (painter) door and handed him a HUGE [way beyond the value of the repair] check. The younger man questioned, “What is this?” The older man says, “This is for repairing the boat. I knew it had a leak and this is for repairing it.”

The younger man says, “It was such a small thing that I didn’t even want to mention it.” The older man replies, “No, it wasn’t a small thing.”

The older man proceeds, “When my kids saw the boat painted bright red, they didn’t know there was a leak in it and I didn’t know they were going to take it out into the waters. My heart sunk when I saw the boat gone and I was sure that they would die. When they returned, I went and looked and saw that you had repaired the leak in the bottom of the boat.” His heart was then moved to do something……

Here’s the moral: When we do something that seems so small, you never know what lives are saved or changed. You never know what God is trying to do through you and for you.
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