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How Psychology Rules our life in Unknown ways.

Have you ever tried to tell an animal that it was stupid while getting a solid result for what you spoke? Well, trying to tell the people of this world that their ship is sinking with only lifeboats for the few on the right road is no different; and that’s because humans just don’t know there is but only one proper action that all the people of this world need to take; and it requires steps the in the human mind set or pattern that none, no, not one person has because the minds of all people everywhere in this world only know self with self-thought, self-direction, self-want, self-understanding, self-dreams, self-needs, self-education and self-reality with everything in life being self-centered including the mechanism of mental self-defence that always clears self of anything that points all around one’s self in any wrong way with the basic elimination of all other human beings in this world who see not as they themselves see; and that is because this world of self-human beings have no true idea of who they are nor why they were created and for what purpose other than what self has been fed by the father of lies who psychologically controls the thoughts of all on this planet  . . . so all that remains is a world of self’s within themselves that possess minds in seeing and doing only as their own self leads no matter what the direction becomes; and that is because nothing beyond self is known while completely lacking the importance of understanding the reality which is coming upon self and all humanity being the main factor of what self needs to know just for survival.

Explanation of what you just read.

The simplest clarifications that I can give are these words. . . . Do onto others as you would have them do onto you while always loving others as you love yourself.  Now if we had an entire world with just that attitude, there would never be a world history with more sick and vulgar atrocities which go so far beyond the human mind that they cannot even be listed or fully explained while all being in the deepest pits of evil darkness that has ever been known to man with the whole point being that God is love who created us while also supplying a “Book of Instruction” on how we all are to live and love each other, but none of the religious people of this world even believe or obey who they all say they love and believe in, so rather than leaving examples of genuine righteousness with great rewards from God for a world to follow, all that can be seen is a group of hypocrites that have no genuine love or care for others that goes any further than their tongue; and when God tells them all worldwide just how He sees them as rootless hypocrites and murderers, they don’t believe the words from God who is their only Spiritual Father with words directly to themselves. 

But for true believers in God that desire only His Spirit of truth with no lies or misdirection, everything that people need to know can be made known, but only if the instructions provided by God are diligently followed to the letter with understanding; and that means every word of God is meant for only those who can eliminate themselves from the prideful teachings of man with the purpose of allowing themselves to become totally open to only God and His words of truth required to gain knowledge which means “fear of the Lord” which is understanding of God; and it’s because everything regarding God becomes seen in spiritual ways rather than what only self wants to see while thinking self knows everything needed when in absolute truth according to God whom all believers say they believe in--- God’s own words say that through their actions they know absolutely nothing nor concur because their own minds have led them all to their own self truths while completely eliminating the God they all claim to believe in through lip love while allowing the counterfeit god’s spirit of this world to take the place of the only true God Almighty who has always been; therefore through the devils leadership comes the totally disrespectful disobedience directly from believers to God that is no different than rejecting what He commands and spitting on Him while following self through actions that has lifted self above all that God says to do and not to do with a world’s population of over 3 billion who say that they believe in God while not in any true way even knowing who He is and why they were created; and God’s reasons why these words are spoken has been written for all to see. . . but only if believers work hard to find them as instructed rather than being as another religious sluggard that this entire world is infested with through all of the uncountable manmade religions scattered everywhere throughout this planet earth; and they all have their own beliefs while being full with believers who will not only hate me, but judge me with disbelief in every word that God leads me in writing; and that is because Christ said they would.

Whoever does not have the Spirit cannot receive the gifts that come from God's Spirit. Such a person really does not understand them, and they seem to be nonsense, because their value can be judged only on a spiritual basis. (1 Corinthians 2:14)

Is all I speak from a twenty two year history with God and these past five years being on His spiritual chain for shaping, molding and preparation to become His messenger with no other life foolishness to you?

According to God His truth is foolishness and unknown to all on earth with the last to believe being believers because they all have been psychologically misled along with this entire deceived human race just as God says – but out of context through the words of Satan’s ministers of righteousness who are actually well paid by believers for their lies along with the very prideful false teachers who spread their false teaching for free.

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