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is there anybody without faith?

Faith is an ability possessed to believe. Believing amidst lack of physical evidence of the truth, about the entity of belief. Faith in this context is total trust in God. Not in other sources, but God. Doubt on the other end of the continum, is the negation of faith (-ve(faith)). It is also an ability possessed to believe. In this regard, unlike faith in God, there must be a physical evidence, to show that our object of belief is capable. Remember, faith in God does not require the initial seeing of God. Thus, doubt is faith in other source(s), apart from God. The trust could be in one’s knowledge, the government, a rich friend, and so on. No living human could exist without faith. He must believe in something. The question is; who do you believe in? Is it the wrong things, or the right thing? It is either the faith is channelled to God, or to other directions, which in that case, it is doubt in God, and faith in what is not God.


Faith in my opinion is inborn. It is from birth, resident in our psyche. It is a dormant abilities waiting to be further activated as man relates with his environment. Specifically with information received from the environment, in the forms of sounds, pictures. What kind of sound are you hearing? What kind of pictures are you seeing? If faith was not an inborn virtue, then I wonder what could have moved a newborn into grabbing the maternal nipple at birth, with its mouth, believing there will be a surge of milk eventually, as it sucks. It is the baby’s first time. Nobody told it milk ever comes from the mothers    gland. Or, is it the baby’s desperation for food that moved it with such belief that milk will eventually pour? This is a quintessence of faith. A part of me is telling me the baby learned faith in the unseen God while in the womb. Why? Because the baby made no conscious effort to effect its growth, to feed, to breath, or to perform any other biological function, while in the womb. The baby is totally dependent on the divine God. This talent in form of faith, which is hundred percent active from the womb, the baby still carried from the womb,  to outside of the womb, to grab the mum’s gland, for milk, with faith. The baby has no iota of doubt in the divine, because it is not in its survival pattern. But as soon as it starts relating with the world outside the womb, it starts getting educated out of its total dependence on the divine wisdom for sustenance and survival. It is taught with progression of time, that it is stupid to operate in that mode.  It is taught logic, objectivity, and science. All of these reduce its dependence on God. They tend to relegate God’s relevance to the background. Yes! Because, man then feels he’s capable of making it on his own. His faculty is bombarded with various axioms like; it is a dog eat dog world, it is the survival of the fittest, and so on. Because of his being programmed with these axioms, he then begins to acquire various self help skills, at all cost, to guarantee his survival. But is there any chance of survival in the end? CAPITAL NO! No one can truly survive outside the one who created him. All the efforts   made to believe in our self- acquired skills, is an embodiment of doubts. It is all glaring in the fear, so conspicuous on our faces. Doubts creates fear, fear creates distrust. Distrust in our environment. Fear gives birth to insecurity in its different shades. People embezzle public funds out of financial insecurity. No matter how much they’ve succeeded in stealing, they keep on stealing. They are afraid of tomorrow. They doubt God’s ability to meet their tomorrow’s need. At least, all the stashed money, gives them hope for today, tomorrow, and beyond. That is their belief. Even their unborn children are wrongly believed to be covered by these their perceived maximum security. We live now in a world where money is believed to mean everything. The lyrics of today’s popular demand songs are fraught with this misconceived belief in most especially, money. I am sure you are aware of how much power, music has to control our thinking. We will talk about that in the future. Let’s face today’s biz. I think the reason for all these, is because of our dwindling faith in God’s ability to fulfil His promise. We are now switching the focus of our faith, in the source of all in existence, on what is part(s) of the multitudes that came out of the source.


The Jewish patriarch, Abraham pleased God by his unwavering faith in Him. Even in the glaring threats of seeming obvious impossibilities, he still believed in God. God promised him a child at an age that is scientifically impossible, yet he believed. His faith made it happen! Without faith, no man can please God. Proverbs 3:5 says; trust in the lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. Looking at the statement;’’ lean not on your own understanding’’, critically, means- not trusting in those things you think you know.


In conclusion, doubt will throw our life into chaos, confusion, and disappointment. Doubt in this context, is lack of faith in God, but faith in other sources other than God. Let our faith be like that of the little children, who has not been indoctrinated into trusting in one’s own ability. No wonder Jesus said in the Bible that; ‘’unless ye be like this little children, you will not see the kingdom of God’’. An individual with faith in God will undoubtedly portray these virtues- humility, patience, and charity. Our faith in God can be made more active, and more powerful, by watching the kind of information we feed our minds with. Godly information is found in the scriptures.  Hearing the scriptures increases our faith in God.

There is nobody without faith. The bottom-line is, where do you channel your faith? Faith in God is doubt in the things you think you know. And it is evident in our humility. Faith in those things you think you know, is doubt in God, and it is evident in our pride. It is our unwillingness to allow the will of God to take its course in our lives. It is rebellion against God. Now, I said there is nobody without faith. Whether your faith works or not depends on what we invest our faith in. But I can assure you that having faith in any other god, than the true and only God, will lead to disappointment, and failure. But, faith in God takes you to a fruitful and expected end. Put your trust in only and only God. It pays!         





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