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  Religion & Philosophy

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highnoon75 (2)


12:01 PM   [12 Aug 2012 | Sunday]


All things in life are governed by some sort of rules or regulations. Some of these rules are specific and are written down and are called laws, while others are unwritten and are open to interpretation. We see how these rules apply as we watch the Olympics in London and how strictly the athletes are expected to adhere to the rules because breaking them would mean elimination from the games. But, we also find that if someone is not watching, many people break the rules for every day life situations. Even in our courts where people take oaths asking God to be our witness that we will tell the truth, that people lie very often…

All of these regulations were originally developed in order to keep some sort of unity and integrity to the event for which they were made. It does not matter if we are speaking about recreational activities or life situations, there are rules for all of this, but people try to find ways around these regulations so that they have an advantage or it makes it easier for them. The Bible gives us many examples of this, especially in the Old Testament in which the nature of man is discovered. As we move into New Testament times, certain regulations were eliminated but we were required to live under what we can call The Moral Code of Ethics. We all know the difference between right and wrong in normal situations, but because these principles are not written, man interprets them as it suits his agenda. Unfortunately, our court system is governed by people and people have predetermined feeling and are biased and these elements sometimes interferes with a fair judgment. But, this is the way in which we have allowed our civilization to evolve and it is not going to change. Different people believe different things and that creates conflicts in understanding and behavior.

There is one set of rules however, that is universal and is not open to interpretation and it is written down so there can be no misunderstanding and it is called the Bible. However, true to the nature of man, man thinks that he can alter these rules in order to suit his agenda and has done so countless times. It is not as if these principles are random or arbitrary, they are strict and perfect because they came from God. How people can think that they can change the words of God and that their actions can be based upon the altered rules and expect God to accept this, is beyond comprehension. When we finally face God to give account of our actions, we can be fairly certain that He is not going to ask which version of His Bible did we use for our basis. He made the requirements to achieve salvation and they are specific and they are not difficult, and it would be pretty surprising if He accepted anything else as the road to travel to get through the gate.

The number of different versions that are merely interpretation of the original words of God is overwhelming. We are not going to discuss which Bible is the correct one, this has been done many times before and people just seem to want to stay with their own version for any number of reasons knowing that the result of this actions will keep them out of New Jerusalem. Perhaps they just do not believe that any infraction of the rules of God is sufficient to keep them out, but they would be wrong… God was not making suggestions when the Bible was assembled, He expects us to attempt to live under the principles that He set forth. All anyone needs to do is to ask themselves if they truly believe that all the hundreds of various denominations are teaching the exact doctrine of God and are alright in His eyes. If it did not matter to God what and how we behaved as His children, then there would be no reason to have written the Bible. The objective is to claim the gold medal because it is the only one available, but any infraction of the rules will cause elimination from further participation. We must all consider the consequences of not returning to the original version and principles that God has given us. Thinking or fearing that it would be a mistake to return to the words of God is only satanic attempts to influence people to do  things that will cause them to lose… do not be one of them !!!

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highnoon75 | Fri Aug 10, 2012, 22:08

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