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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:59 PM   [10 Aug 2012 | Friday]


The Bible tells us to give honor and respect to both our religious as well as our political leaders. This is perhaps the most difficult rule to accomplish considering the current circumstances in the world. The priorities of all of our leaders seemed to have gone astray somewhere along the way, but this is not our business if we believe that God is in control of everything and so we must do our best to accept what appears to be the ignorance and arrogance of our leaders. We are entitled to our opinions concerning the activities of our leaders and we can voice those opinions if we truly believe that our motives are honorable. It is just difficult to understand most of the reasons for the decisions of these people in view of the situations that exist all over the world. People are suffering and dying because of malnutrition and illnesses, and this country feels that it was more important to spend 2.6 billion dollars sending some instrument to the planet Mars to discover if water ever existed on that planet. And, this was only one trip to that planet, we have sent more than twelve other expeditions to Mars at incredible cost and most of the vehicles missed the planet…Trying to understand how these experiments is going to do anything to assist the needy people of the world is beyond comprehension, but we must always trust that God knows best for us all.

At various times throughout history, nations would get themselves in trouble and during biblical times, God allowed this to happen in order to give to us a lesson as to why it happened. These lessons were given to us so that as time went on that the same mistakes would not be made, but man always thinks that he knows best, in his own mind, and nations continued to get into trouble and eventually implode. Now however, it is not just a nation but it is the entire world community that is in trouble. We know that God is always in control so we can only assume that He is trying to teach us a lesson once again, but we really do not know. The situation does have biblical overtones though, so it may very well be possible that we are being given a lesson again… But, this is about our political leaders and as we elect those that are far out of alignment with biblical doctrine, we can only expect to get what we are getting.

In terms of our religious leaders, we must ask ourselves where were they when certain events took place that are directly opposed to biblical doctrine. We may as well forget the past issues where they should have organized and prevented certain events from taking place, such as abortion and same sex marriage, because these things will probably not change unless we elect people that can and will change them… But, we are now faced with a new satanic activity where our religious leaders should unite and use the power that they would possess in order to stop this incredible increase in gambling casinos being built in many states. We all know what comes along with these activities and none of it is good.  We are not judging our religious leaders with these statements but attempting to get them to understand that part of their job is to protect their flocks. Again, we may be having a lesson given to us, not only to the leaders but also to the members of the church to stand up and ask what the leader intends to do about preventing such satanic activities…

Christians are supposed to be the light of the world, but so far, most of us do not have enough light to find our way home even during the daytime. Preventing satanic activities within the city or town, or even the country in which you live is not against the separation of church and State, but it is the protection of people from Satan and his activities. If we use the introduction of gambling casinos as an example, all of the church leaders from the various groups in a place where a casino is planned should unite and go to the government officials and tell them that it is not going to happen in that town, they may be surprised at the power that they have to stop satanic activities of all kinds. Also, when we all have to stand in front of God and give an account of ourselves, at least we might have one good thing to tell Him... But, as Christians, we should demonstrate our beliefs and commitment against all satanic activities and truly become a bright and shining light so that many more can find their way !!!

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