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Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:59 PM   [06 Aug 2012 | Monday]


God creates Earth and in one area He places a garden called Eden which is essentially paradise. He places man in the garden and gives him everything that man needs and asks only one thing from man which is not to do just a single restriction, which, of course, man immediately does and gets put out of this incredible place. However, the rest of the Earth is not too bad with all that man needs in terms of resources and beauty as well, but because of his original disobedience, man must work in order to live… But, God has provided for man all the elements that are necessary to live a pretty good life. But, as usual, man messes things up, so God destroys everything and begins again…And, true to form, man begins to mess things up once again.

Now, we can acknowledge that man had help in messing up because of satanic influences, but it is still man that deserves the responsibility for what is happening. Finally, God selects a group of people and chooses to give them the rules and regulations for proper human behavior and how to keep the resources that He gave to man to use and enjoy. But, once again, man begins to try and find loop holes in the rules of God and since they cannot find any because God is perfect, they begin to make their own rules and include them along with the ones given by God apparently thinking this will give them validity.

We know that Satan is involved with helping man mess things up, but God is aware of this fact and so He explains to man how to avoid these satanic influences. He gives man every type of experience and shows them what happens when man pays attention to God and what happens when man does not… But, for some unknown reason, man seems to want to think that he knows better than God and chooses the ways of Satan and continues to mess things up. After all the lessons and experiences that God gives to man, He reduces them into a manual for living called the Bible. So now, man has no excuse that he did not know because all of the principles and ideals are contained in the manual !!!

Now, man has the Bible and is aware of all the requirements to keep the Earth is good shape and use the resources provided for us, and also how to prevent Satan from influencing us to do wrong and mess up once again. So, what does man do but his usual exercise and try to find ways around these rules and when he cannot, he adds his own and disregards those that were given to us by God…

In the beginning, Earth was a beautiful place filled with beauty and ample resources for man to use and live. But now, because of the disobedience and arrogance of man, the Earth has become a junk yard filled with garbage and pollution. Man himself has also become corrupted and filled with greed and sadness without integrity. We live in a world of hatred where money and power have become our gods. And, it is only going to get worse because we keep doing the same thing over and over again. The Bible gives us the rules and regulations for proper balance in our lives as well as the world community, but we keep moving further and further away from these principles and as we do, things get more messed up. Activities which were once thought of as being wrong slowly became tolerated and then accepted and finally condoned by people as well as our religious leaders and those that should be showing us our errors.

Saving the world probably is not possible, but saving ones’ own sense of dignity and integrity can only happen if we return to those ideals given to us from within the Bible. God cannot be wrong just by definition and so His ways will always be better than anyone or anything else. The Bible contains the words of God but man has corrupted those words to suit his selfish desires with the different interpretations of the Bible. The world as well as the human race is a mess, on that we can all agree. This happened as a result to straying from biblical ideals and will continue until the end. But, each of us can return to the proper rules for behavior by following the instructions given to us by God. And if we do this, that is if we return to God, He tells us that He will return to us, and that would be a very good thing !!!

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