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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:59 PM   [04 Aug 2012 | Saturday]


The Bible has endless layers of understanding which, unfortunately, very few people reach passed the obvious lesson. The greater meanings come only through constant study and reasonable thought concerning everything that is being offered to us. Although gaining the obvious meaning is a good thing, with a little more concentration, a new world of understanding begins to open up to the reader.  The Bible was also written with aids that help us to grasp the meaning, for example, the numbers three and seven are indications of the same thing, which is completion, but there is a reason that two numbers are used to show this aspect. Man understands three better than seven because our lives are based upon the number three. We will notice that sometimes the number three is used to denote completion and other times the number seven is used. The reason is simple once we know it, and that information gives us the ability to see aspects that may have been confusing up to that point. The number three denotes completion when the Bible speaks of carnal things since man is carnal, but it uses the number seven when it speaks of spiritual things. If a reader goes to Revelation, the reader will notice the intense use of the number seven because Revelation is almost totally spiritual in nature. God created all things in seven days and that is the beginning of the separation between the two numbers meaning the same thing… The Old Testament with all of the visions of the prophets will also show the use of seven, but in normal conversation, three is used again. Just think about how many things were done in three in the New Testament and the reader will be able to distinguish more easily carnal from spiritual…

If we look at just one statement of Jesus, we will see that His words were usually filled with deeper meanings. In John 10:10 Jesus tells us “…I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”. In this one sentence is a huge amount of information that may not be obvious if read without contemplation. First Jesus is telling us that He has come to give eternal life, but he uses the word “ might” which tells us that although He has the ability to give eternal life, it is not guaranteed. The second aspect of this statement is that He tells us twice about giving life and the second time He uses the word “abundantly”.  Heaven is perfect and so it cannot be more abundant, therefore He is telling us that not only can He give us eternal life but that He can enhance our lives on earth as well. Another interesting aspect about Jesus is that He seldom actually gave anything to anyone. Also, He seldom answered questions that were asked of Him. When asked a question, He would usually respond with a statement that caused the person asking to examine certain aspects that give a lesson rather than an answer. As far as giving things to others, His work was spiritual and His life was an example for us to follow…

The Bible is a miraculous book that has obvious meanings that give us the path to contentment and hopefully eternal life in the presence of Jesus. But, it is also filled with other and deeper meanings and lessons that require concentrated study by the reader.  Many people think that just believing in Jesus guarantees a ticket through the gate, but we see that this is not accurate. In all of the lessons and deeds that Jesus gave or did, there was always a condition for accomplishment of the action. He tells us that few will pass through the gate and a few does not mean everyone. This is a warning that He gives to us, but for some reason, many do not understand that the condition is a necessary element to receiving anything from God. Every word in the Bible has a meaning that everyone can understand, but the totally committed person will examine each of these words and begin to find the deeper meanings that will lead them to a life more abundant here on earth, and maybe an eternal life in heaven in the presence of Jesus !!!  


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