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Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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1:01 AM   [03 Aug 2012 | Friday]


Man has always had a problem assuming the responsibility for his actions. In fact, man has always had a problem admitting that he ever makes an error in judgment or action.  The first human event recorded in the Bible is man being disobedient to God, and the reaction to being questioned by God is that the man says that the woman made him do it and the woman says the she was beguiled by Satan.  So, we immediately see that the nature of man is to excuse himself from responsibility; unless, of course, the event turned out well and then man is right there taking credit. The stories are endless concerning how man responds to various outcomes of different events, but very seldom does man accept the fact that he made a mistake. There is always some good reason that it was not his fault…

During the time of Jesus, we begin to see man using more and more deceit to avoid responsibility. We begin to understand political responsibility and how the political leaders would deceive the government by describing events that did not happen exactly the way they did occur in order to gain favor with the leaders in Rome. The Roman leader in Jerusalem sends a letter when they take Paul to his superior telling him that he saved Paul from the crowds, which, of course, he did not.  This is just an example of how people distort the truth for various reasons, mostly to increase their own importance, but never to assume the responsibility for any bad event.

As time passes, this type of reaction, or lack of reaction, begins to become an accepted way of life. It finally reaches a point that no matter how wrong something may be, if people want to do it, and no one stops them, it eventually ceases to be considered wrong. The Jews did it with the Laws of God and Christians do it with the regulations given to us for our behavior. Integrity is not something that we strive for any longer, in fact, it is a hindrance to our selfish and immoral desires. If people are doing things that are illegal and the government cannot or does not want to deal with it, they pass a law making it legal and therefore eliminating the problem. The welfare of the people is of no interest but getting rid of the issue is the motivating factor.

Our leaders that we have elected to represent our interests are not the slightest bit interested in our wishes and create laws without thought to the affect it has upon the people that elected them. We are lied to about almost every subject and the information that we get, if any, is distorted to make it appear to be good. All of this type of behavior is continually increasing until we have finally reached a point from which we cannot find a way out.

We are Christians and we are supposed to walk to a different drummer, but unfortunately, very few do. Not only are we Christian but we are also human and subject to all of the weaknesses that people have and those weaknesses overpower our ability to do good. But, if we were to look at ourselves as Christians first and humans second, we may find that our principles and behavior begins to change and we would find our lives changing also. We can stop doing wrong things if we consider to whom we are responsible and by whom we will be judged.  Jesus tells us to store our processions in heaven and not on earth because we are only here for the blink of an eye, but where we go upon our death is forever and that seems to be a long time… We can change the world but that must begin with each of us changing ourselves to come into alignment with Christian principles. As more and more people do this, sooner or later, the majority of people on the planet will have discovered integrity once again and the world will change. But, even if it does not happen in our lifetime, we will become better individuals and more acceptable to God !!!

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highnoon75 | Thu Aug 02, 2012, 21:08

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Good message


pryz | Sat Aug 04, 2012, 14:08

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Very nice, very thorough. So much so, it causes me to wonder at your speech in the last paragraph.  Though I understand your meaning as best I can, saying, “look at ourselves as Christians first and humans second”. Are you really sure about that? Seems to be a rather mealy outlook to me.
Thinking the Lord’s garden statement on the concurring flesh/Spirit effort, regards the weakest junction of events in life and at the highest need, for at that point in the face of failure, faith drives us to agree with Him for the better.
Also, Paul’s concerns with what resides within on more than one occasion I’m sure you know, pretty much makes plain, the former, “Christians” rules out the latter, “humans”.

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