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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:59 PM   [30 Jul 2012 | Monday]


We can all agree that the Bible was written by God, although individuals who were inspired by God did the actual writing. After a few misguided attempts, a book was finally completed that was the first translation into English called the Authorized King James Version, and we can probably agree on that also. Since that time however, a number of “revised” translations were published for various reasons decided by man. In other words, certain men decided that what God wanted us to have in terms of lessons or doctrine was not appropriate any longer or many other reasons and so they assumed the place of God and wrote what they thought was best for mankind. A lot of these revisions were made when a new denomination was established, but they still claimed to be Christians because they believed in Christ.

 Now, as we read the original Bible, we find that there are two distinct parts; the Old Testament and the New Testament, and theoretically true believers use both parts of the Bible to establish the lessons and doctrine that God wanted us to have and use in order to achieve being adopted as one of His children and attain salvation. Although many true believers do not read the Old Testament, they are not able to grasp the deeper meanings of the lessons in the New Testament which is unfortunate because there is where we find the correct path for our lives. But, excusing that aspect, we go on and attempt to live by the rules as stated in the New Testament but without complete understanding…

Now, the others that are using a “revised” bible to grasp the lessons of God are at a slight disadvantage because they cannot be certain if it a lesson from God or an interpretation of man. Some of the alterations are completely outrageous but not to the person that believes that what they are being taught is from God. We have to assume that Satan was certainly involved with some of these interpretations, but the reader was probably brought up believing these alterations and thinks that the KJV is incorrect. And so, over the years, many men have taken the place and authority of God upon themselves and developed new denominations and bibles appropriate to their beliefs. Now, we are not suggesting that these are bad people, in fact, most are wonderful individuals who respect God and do the best they can but, sadly are misinformed.

The problem only exposes itself upon the death of these people when they are asked by God if they did the best that they could in following His instructions. We have no idea as to what He may ask but we can guess that the questions will probably concern the more important elements of His teachings, such as abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriages and other subjects of equal importance. He may even suggest that a woman’s right to choose was made when she chose to have sexual relations and then the rest was up to Him…But, one thing about which we can be certain is that God did not write the Bible just as a suggestion as to how we should write our own versions. It is not like His version was an approximation of His wishes and that it would be fine with Him if we did not agree with His ideas. God cannot be wrong by definition, therefore anything that is not in agreement with His words must be incorrect as a result. When we finally face Him, we can be relatively certain that he will not agree with the changes man has made and admit that He was incorrect or never thought of the particular way that man wanted things to be…

So, let us reduce this into terms with which we cannot disagree… God creates all things including man. He then spends thousands of years creating situations and circumstances by which man can learn and understand the wishes of God for His creations. He finds that man is not exactly grateful for all of this and becomes disobedient. God then takes upon Himself the punishment for the sins of man instead of allowing man to endure the loss of the incredible benefits God has given to man. God then has all of this information gathered together and reduced into a manual for His wishes for our behavior and it is called the Bible. And now, there can be no misunderstandings about what is expected of us by our Creator and, incidentally, our owner, since everything belongs to Him anyway !!!

So now, after God has done all of this for us, and much more also, and gives us a manual for our behavior based upon all of the experiences and events that He caused for our benefit, that He is going to accept any changes to His rules and regulations that man decides to make… It is not even remotely possible that God will accept the alterations that man has made to His wishes, He is God and we are not !!!

Matthew 7:21 “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”

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