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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:59 PM   [26 Jul 2012 | Thursday]


A miracle is defined as an event that defies any known scientific explanation and is then attributed to supernatural causes. Many events in our lives seem to be miraculous and perhaps some of them are, but do not be confused by an event that occurs that is answered prayer and not really a miracle.  Many times we ask God for certain things to happen in our lives or even the lives of others and then forget that we had asked for it. Then as time passes, people then think that God did not respond to their supplication, but we must remember that delay is not denial. It is not unusual for quite a long time to pass before God answers our prayers, but when it is finally answered, we have forgotten our request and consider it a miracle… True miracles happen all of the time and it seems that most of the time that it is something that has protected one of the children of God. The plan that God has for His children is going to happen and nothing is going to get into the way of that plan, and so, sometimes a miracle must occur in order for that plan to continue.

Medical miracles appear to happen quite often and, in fact, they do. But, sometimes accidents or illnesses happen where there appears to be no hope of recovery and then, all of a sudden, the person is cured or healed. Again, this just might be a prayer being answered, but it really does not matter, especially to the individual and his or her loved ones.  An argument can certainly be made that just having a prayer answered is a miracle and sometimes it is difficult to explain some answered prayers considering for what was asked…

The Bible is filled with stories of miracles, but these events happened to show the power of God. In these cases, God did something that would have been impossible without His intercession, but usually the event was immediate. The parting of the Red Sea, the walls of Jericho falling down, Jesus raising people from the dead and the many immediate healings of people vexed with illnesses are all miracles, but as we can see, they were all immediate events. There are literally hundreds of various events that the Bible tells us in the stories, but they were all immediate and demonstrated the power of God.

There is no question that miracles still occur and they still demonstrate the power of God. But, a potato chip shaped like a cross probably is not one of them, however, miracles happen all of the time and we do not even know it. If a person walks out onto a street and just gets missed being hit by a car but does not even know it; that would be a miracle that God performed to protect one of His. And, in some cases, God spent quite a lot of time protecting certain individuals from being killed many times considering the way that person lived his or her life… In modern times, known “miracles” seem to be owned by only one denomination and there really is not any proof that these events took place. But, miracles actually do happen every day to the children of God as He protects them from danger. When a person gets seriously hurt and a loved one asks God not to let them die and the person does not die, it is not a miracle as such because someone asked God in a prayer for His intercession…

Miracles happen all of the time, but most of the time, we do not even realize it. God does not need to demonstrate His power any longer, but He does protect those that are His. Never underestimate the power of prayer, or the love God has for His children and how far He will go to protect them from danger. Perhaps the greatest miracle that we can identify is the fact that God listens to us and answers our prayers in spite of how disobedient that we all are to His wishes for the way we should behave !!!

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