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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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angelachong (2)


12:59 PM   [24 Jul 2012 | Tuesday]


As we read through many of the legitimate posts on this site, as well as other sites similar to this, we notice a few characteristics that seem to always be there.  The first thing we notice is that generally the same people write most of the posts, with the occasional member speaking about a particular subject that is important to them. But, for the most part, it is usually the same people posting.  The other aspect that we notice is that very few people comment about the posts, which is difficult to understand especially if the post is somewhat controversial. If someone has an issue with a particular statement, then they should voice their opinion and perhaps even correct an error made by the author. We must always keep in mind that the Bible is the only source of accurate and truthful information, and should be the only place from which we obtain our knowledge about God and His will for us, as well as all other aspects of mankind.

We also notice that there are many statements made that have no biblical validity, but are stories and mythology that people believe to be true. For example, we know virtually nothing about Jesus from the time that He was about twelve years old until He was thirty years old. However, this does not stop people from writing stories concerning that part of the life of Jesus. Satan is another example of stories written about him although we have absolutely no knowledge about him other than what we are given in the Bible, and the Bible does not tell us why he was dismissed from the presence of God. The Bible tells us that he was, but it does not tell us why… Again, this seems to make no difference to people considering how much writing there is about Satan that has no validity. There is a huge amount of writings about all sorts of spiritual things and events that have no accurate background for such information, but reading these fables can lead to misunderstandings concerning biblical doctrine and can be very detrimental to the uninformed reader. We must be very careful from where we get our information considering that our everlasting life depends upon it…

We also notice the attitudes of many of the authors that submit their thoughts on these sites, and can place them into different categories. There are some that just want to see their names on the internet and have little to say, and there are those that have a sincere interest in trying to be helpful to others in their understanding of biblical doctrine. In between these two categories is a whole bunch of different characters, some of which can be very dangerous because they write in a very convincing manner about things that they know little. We also notice the “holier than thou” group as well as the  “chosen ones”… These people should probably examine their feelings of humility before they begin their writing. As far as the “chosen ones” are concerned, they should be reminded that if you are a child of God, then they should recognize that all of His children are “chosen” to do some particular task and no one is more important than the other. The person that cleans the church building is just as important as the Pastor in the eyes of God. Paul speaks of these people and warns them not to get puffed up with the little knowledge that they may have. And, in many cases, the knowledge is not even validated by anything other than mythology.

Satan is very much aware of the weaknesses of us all and will use that information to get us to help him influence others that may be ignorant of the truth into believing things that confusing or misleading to the uniformed.

Unfortunately, Christians have a reputation for being arrogant and thinking that they are always right. Although they may be right in their choice of belief, it is also unfortunate that many Christians know very little about that choice. The people that post information should try to share their knowledge and experiences in order to help others understand the complexities of being a Christian and not “show off” how much they think that they know which is often very little… A lack of humility is not the way to get others to listen to your message. Satan is just waiting to jump on the arrogance that is sometimes demonstrated and destroy any good that a person could have done. We must always remember that Satan is always there looking for ways to destroy good works. Each of us should examine our own attitudes and humble ourselves in the eyes of God and the world !!!

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angelachong | Tue Jul 24, 2012, 09:07

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