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1:32 AM   [22 Jul 2012 | Sunday]

Chronicles of Narnia




Chronicles of Narnia Chelsea

Quote #2

Mark 16:15-16:

The kids were never told about Aslan so have never known who he was. If people are not told about Christ then they will never know who Christ is and accept him into their lives. The beavers shared Aslan and the prophecy with them and they grew more interested in Aslan. The name of Jesus is a very powerful name and when it is said a sense of presence is released into the area. The feelings that the kids felt inside of them as they were listening and hearing the name, Aslan, caused fear, courage, mystery, excitement, and peace. When we speak or hear Jesus name, we have the fear of the Lord and no matter how much we get to know Jesus, He still is a mystery to us. The name Jesus also brings peace and courage, knowing He is with us. Aslan was a mystery to the kids and they wanted to learn more about him and meet him. Once people are told and shown who Christ is they have a sense of hunger and receive knowledge through the hunger because they learn to know Him and becomes His friend.

Quote #5

Mark 16:1-8: Lucy and Susan were symbolizing Mary Magdalene, Mary, mother of James, and Salome at the tomb when Jesus had resurrected. Aslan symbolizes Jesus dieing on the cross and being risen from the grave. Susan and Lucy were in complete amazement at what they had seen at the stone table. Aslan laying his life down in Edmunds place and sacrificing his life out of love, is the story of the crucifixion. Aslan took Edmunds place at the stone table so he would save Edmunds life and all of Narnia and rise again to be with them. He did that out of complete love for Edmund. If there were only one person in the entire universe, Jesus would still would have died on the cross. Satan did not know that when he deceived all the people who once loved Jesus, that it would save them from dieing and be lost for eternity. The white Witch didn’t have enough deep knowledge to know ahead of time that taking Aslan’s life would save all of Narnia from her and complete the prophecy. In her mind taking Aslan down was her victory but she failed. Satan failed the same way and he may rule this earthly world but he doesn’t rule heaven.

We are just passing through this life as a witness for Christ so why don’t we rise up and take action now while we are here. You only live once so make an impact.



1-31-11-220i homework


I wrote this as homework during a bible school year and I came back to it and wanted to share it.


Mark 14:10-11,Mark 14:43-46:The White Witch symbolizes Satan and has the character traits of everything that Satan stands for. Satan has always thought that he is a king and that he rules but because he is the ruler of all lies and evil in the world. Deception is placed over people who are not strong enough to endure temptation and they fall into it too easily. The White Witch is clothe as a Queen and has the power in Narnia with darkness. She ends up being able to persuade Edmund and Edmund ends up betraying Aslan, which is portrayed as God. She uses Edmunds favorite most greatest desire to lure him in to the trap and she ends up pulling him so far in, that Edmunds life was turned around, causing him to fall. Satan is the same way. He shows us what we think is good and what he knows will tempt us the most and uses that to his advantage over us but he leaves out the destruction it will cause after it is set and done. At times we may not know that later on those temptations will cause trouble or hurt us or someone else in the process and then we find out after that it is too late. It is never too late to repent but it is too late to rewind and go back. Edmund was told how dangerous the White Witch was and warned to stay away from her but he kept going deeper and deeper and wouldn’t stay away because of the temptation that was offered to him that he didn’t want to refuse or give up. Later, he ended up not only hurting himself but almost killing his entire family for that one thing he wanted more. When the truth is opened and seen and believed then it will no longer just stay winter in our lives without a Christmas. Having a cold heart towards the truth is deathly but when we rebuke the temptation away from our lives and live for Jesus then it will turn to Christmas in our lives, which is victory and salvation.

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