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State: CO
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12:41 PM   [22 Jul 2012 | Sunday]

A Search for Clues

It seems Colorado (and its residents) is destined to control the airwaves this summer, be the topic of conversation in every circle, and in desperate need of prayer. As ifthe Springer, High Park and Waldo Canyon Fires weren't newsworthy and horrendous enough, now we are suffering through the hard-to-believe and even-harder-to grasp events of the dark morning hours of Friday.

The Joker. A mass murdered, who calls himself the Joker, ambushed a movie theater full of people killing 21 and injuring more than 50 others, after having booby trapped his apartment.

Try as I may, I cannot wrap my mind around these latest events. It is senseless. I watch the news coverage; I listen to the radio reports and talk shows with news journalists who try to recap and analyze the goings on of a madman. "What was he thinking?" "Why would someone do this?" "It's only 15 miles from Columbine." "His mother said they have the right man." All the answers.

I've seen all the pictures and the cell phone videos, but one picture stands out above all others: a photo of three people standing in a circle in the middle of the cinema parking lot, holding hands, obviously praying.

Does God understand these peoples' hurt, anger, survivors' guilt? Yes, he does. It was, God after all, who gave up his son for all mankind and let him die the most brutal death of all time. Jesus was innocent. He was GOD! But his Father...The God of the Universe..gave him up for us. Watched him shed his innocent, human blood for all of us not-so-innocents. Even the man James Eagan Holmes...the alleged mass murderer of Aurora, Colorado. Yes, God understands. It was God who, with a father's heart, watched his son being tortured...murdered, if you will.

Thank you, Lord, for understanding. Help us to never forget just how much you understand.

Mood: distressed
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