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You Were Made For This!

I called my husband this morning JUST BECAUSE I felt to speak these words into his spirit, “You were made for this!” However, that was not enough….I placed my hands over my heart and I told myself, “You were made for this!” Then, I called my mother and even began to text others, whom God had put in my spirit, to tell them, “You were made for this!”  

It may seem as if your deeds go unnoticed. That your acts of kindness and compassion are overlooked or taken advantage of. You may feel, in your time of need, where are those who you were there for; possibly even those closest to you. 

Don’t let up due to frustration. Keep yourself (Jude 21). Endure (2 Tim. 2:3). Continue on and remain faithful (2 Timothy 3:14). Be not weary (Galatians 6:9). Stay the course. You were made for this! Not to be misused or mistreated, but to STAND…to PREVAIL. 


I have noticed something. The more I’m resisted by others, for carnal reasons…..the more I DRAW CLOSER TO GOD. The more I’m undermined, the more I SEEK HIS FACE FOR STRENGTH. The more I’m ignored and neglected, the more I RISE UP TO FULFILL PURPOSE. The more I’m misunderstood or misjudged…..the more DEPENDANT I BECOME OF HIM.

It no longer comes as a surprise to me, the things that people are capable of doing. It is the nature of man….and without Christ, that very nature is what controls them. Most of the time, it’s not even necessary to question, “What’s wrong with some people?” “What’s the matter with them?” “Why would they do something so ‘stupid’?” Yes, I said it. WE KNOW WHAT’S WRONG! The world needs a LIFE-CHANGING experience with Jesus…a down-right good ol’ Holy Ghost experience. 

Think it not strange! (1 Peter 4:12) 

So, I tell you again….You were made to be consistent, and faithful, and to endure….for the place where God is taking you, CONSISTENCY, FAITHFULNESS, and ENDURANCE are all NECESSARY! You were made to GIVE (Luke 6:38) out of your bosom….for the place where God is taking you, GIVING IS NECESSARY!  You were made to sacrifice….To pour out. You were not made to fret over frivolous things. You’ve been made to release [to let go], for the place where God is taking you RELEASE IS NECESSARY! You were made to go….to conquer….to possess. You were made to uphold a higher standard….To not straddle….To not compromise….and to finish strong. You were even made to not understand everything before you, but rather to LIVE BY FAITH. You were made to SHINE (Matthew 5:14; Isaiah 60:1). I know you understand where I’m coming from. You sometimes think these same things. THIS IS WHAT YOU WERE MADE FOR!

Your DNA has been changed! Forfeiting is no longer in your DNA. Living beneath HIS MEANS (not yours) is no longer in your DNA. That’s when you know your calling is HIGH (Philippians 3:14).

I assure you…You were made for this!

-Janice >>Check out "Our Blogs"

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