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Gender: Female
Age: 29 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 07/18/2012


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12:52 PM   [18 Jul 2012 | Wednesday]

Spiritual Awakening

-Spiritual Awakening-


My house was filled with nothing but darkness and blackish-grey smoke. I think I was suppose to be filled with terror but it was the opposite the whole time. My feelings never changed. I was filled with Joy, courage, and strength. It wasn’t just any ordinary joy, courage or strength, it was God filled. God was with me and I could feel Him with every step of the way as I walked down the long narrow hallway. I know that I didn’t take victory from my own self. No, it wasn’t myself that fought off the devil on my own. Jesus was the victorious one! This spiritual dream I am about to share with you might cause you to have an “Awakening” yourself. The events that went on in this dream shook me hard, not in a defeat or feared way, but a spiritual way, a spiritual victory, A war going on in our lives that we don’t always see or look for, sometimes not even care to pay attention to, because we seem to think we have more important things to attend to, more important things than eternal vs. death.

Satan was standing right in between me and this little boy, he looked around the age of 7 and 8, I didn’t even recognize but cared deeply for with all of my heart. I wanted to reach him and share with Him the truth about Jesus Christ. I attempted to just put my hand out and shove satan by me and run right past him. As I’m about to shove satan, he grabs my arm and wont let go. He tells me “You wont get to him in time” I look him in the eye and take his hand and pull it off of my arm. I look at the little boy, he’s crying , crying so hard that he can barely breathe or even speak at that moment. I ignore every part of fear and the fact that satan was standing between us and I start telling him that he needs to calm down, that everything will be ok because we have Jesus, Jesus is here right in this room, His presence is right here. He will never leave us nor forsake us, EVER! The boy turns and looks at me and calms down. All I can do is just smile at him. Suddenly, we both glance at what is down the hallway from us. There’s demons, demons everywhere. The little boy, so fragile and terrified, starts running towards me. I reach out but satan stands in between us. Again. The little boy cries out!

Help me!!!

they are coming for me!

Cant you see them!

I’m going to die!!!

My eyes were filled with tears at the sight of the little boys expression and voice. All I hear around me were terrifying cries, screams, even laughter.

I had enough of satan trying to play games with me and I decided me and God were taking him down. I turned towards satan and I told him that


Satan tried anything and everything to try to pull me to his side. I would never drop down in defeat to him. NEVER. He grabbed me and pulled me away from the little boy, away from…. everything. I couldn’t see where I was being led, but I knew for one thing…I wasn’t scared at all. I kept my head up high and took the so called “persecution” from satan, which must have been the dragging and the “trying to persuade” talk. I focused all my attention on Jesus…just Jesus and nothing else. I knew if I kept my faith in Him, everything else would be ok. I had nothing to fear when I have Him. I couldn’t see God, but I knew He was there. I was thrown into this candle lit, but extremely dark room. On the side of the wall was the pentagram. I didn’t really see anything else. It was so dark. The only other thing I really saw was the door behind me and the door in front of me. Both completely shut. Satan starts speaking some kind of language unknown to me. He walks slowly up to me and tells me to get down on my knees next to the lit candles and start speaking. I all of a sudden knew exactly what he was asking me to participate in and I wouldn’t be apart of it. I started praying to God to give me the words to speak. His words. The words of truth and life. Nothing else. I stood still for a moment. I felt God working through me and speaking words that I knew was the truth without having to think twice. I stand firm, bold and planted. “NO” was what came out of my mouth. One word made a difference. It was like a lightning bolt came down and hit satan.

3 words “In Jesus Name” can make the biggest difference and cast away any fears, any terrors, any attacks. I believe that was either a lesson for me to learn through this dream or something that I will accomplish with Jesus. I believe a lot of this will help others.



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