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Signup Date: 07/18/2012


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12:55 PM   [18 Jul 2012 | Wednesday]

The Majestic Dove

The Majestic Dove.

This was a dream that included people that are very close to me that I know. (Rosie) is a substituted name for one of them.

After church service, My youth pastor wanted to take a few of us youth out to eat sushi at a great place she knew of. We had never had sushi so we were very excited to try it. On the way, she suddenly stopped the car & turned down a different road we weren’t familiar with at all. We asked her where we were going and she shared a true story with us about how in a park, hidden away, the most beautiful and unique dove would fly and soar around the park and he looked so care-free and overjoyed to see anyone who would come visit him and spend the day with him. So she wanted to take us for a visit to see him because it was memorable event. Once we reached the park and all piled out of the truck, we climbed up the rails to the top of the wood where we could see the rest of the area, and without us noticing, with a blink of an eye, the huge dove just swooped past us up into the clear blue sky and over the clouds. My youth pastor then shared with us that the only people who could truly see and know the majestic dove were the chosen ones who believed with all of their hearts that he was real and that they lived for him and nothing would tear them apart. The bird came back and sat very still on a wood plank next to me. I admired his bright neon, no not even just neon, it was so much more, rainbow but different shades of light and color, like stained glass almost. He had a neon pink nose, a blue coat, green, yellow, purple, orange, teal, white, every different color you could ever imagine, on his feathers. I can’t even explain in the descriptions fully because the dove was something I have never seen before. We were having a great time spending that precious time with the dove and then three others showed up, unnoticed at first, but then they stopped to talk to us. Before we could even respond, we had to do something about the dove because we couldn’t let them hurt him. The dove flew on my arm tugging me to come play but all everyone could think of was to protect the dove. I kept asking “what do I do? What do I do? He keeps tugging at me to come” My youth pastor said “ I don’t know but we have to do something because they are coming” suddenly, the dove flew down to the ground near a huge bouncy ball and started playing with it. Rosie ran down to the ground and picked up the ball. I knew what she was about to do but I couldn’t watch, I didn’t know what would happen or what we would do if what she did was what I thought. She placed the ball on the ground, the dove on the other side waiting for the ball to be passed to him, like a game, and started chirping. Rosie was just about to kick the ball and I shut my eyes and turned away, Rosie kicked the ball and it flew right at the dove, knocking him to the ground. I started crying, but wasn’t the only one crying, all of us were. The dove was dead. We all fell to the ground on our knees and just sat there in silence. The other three came around the corner and saw us. We held the dove in a strong embrace while the others asked what we were doing on the ground. All we could reply back was “He’s dead”.

I woke up from this dream knowing that it wasn’t finished but had I not realized that I had no idea why I felt that way because I didn’t even know why I had the dream or what it meant, all I knew was it was spiritual. I never remember dreams unless they have spiritual meaning to them. I was sharing this with my younger sister and while I was telling it, I suddenly realized what it all meant and how it fell into place. Maybe the dream didn’t quite end yet because its not the day in this year that He has risen yet. But He has risen and He is and will forever be King! The same day I was prayed over that God would give me the wisdom to be able to interprecate that dream into the bible story written and lived. That I would be able to put into words and be able to have understanding through the story. I now know what He meant by that. One of my purposes is to have Him share stories with me that are true and also from His imagination and I can put them into writing and share them with others.

To fully explained the dream it all starts with “The Crucifixion“. The night the disciples were with Jesus and the enemy came to look for Jesus was where it began. The disciples were having the last supper with Jesus, while he was sharing with them that this would be their last supper with him and that something much bigger is about to happen. That one of them were going to betray him and one was going to deny him 3 times. The disciples were only trying to protect Jesus so they acted without fully thinking and attacked the enemy that was going to harm Jesus. Jesus had to stop the fight and calm it down. Jesus knew it was suppose to happen so he let the enemy take him away. He had already shared with his disciples what was suppose to happen because God had planned it to happen for a purpose and Jesus was willing to take that sacrifice out of love and compassion. I noticed that our group in the dream was labeled as Jesus’ disciples(although my friend Laurie never really killed Jesus or betrayed Him) the dream was just putting it in the way I could understand and see with my spiritual eyes and hear with spiritual ear with people who are standing beside me in the same fight. The dove represented Jesus. The enemy who came after us were the other three people in the background looking for Jesus. The three people didn’t believe in Christ and had no intention of wanting to know Christ. The part of the dream where we has watched the dove fall to the ground, dead, was the crucifixion. After I had realized what the dream was showing me I was able to truly know why God was showing me this. He sent His son to die for us and it was this time of the year but we should never forget that Jesus made the true sacrifice for us because it was the ultimate sacrifice ever made in history. I believe that God also showed me this particular dream because He doesn’t want me to forget about Jesus dieing on the cross for me and being risen to live again and to love again. I know and truly understand that it is the most spectacular story ever told and I will share it and it will be known through my testimonies. I don’t believe that this story of the crucifixion and how Jesus rose from the dead, should only be remembered one day out of the year, which is Easter. I believe that every day we should tell the story and live the story as it truly happened and how much more serious we should take it. Jesus has been the same and has never changed, we as Christians grow stronger every day and change on a higher level in Christ. Striving for perfection, every day that God gives us breathe.





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