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Signup Date: 07/18/2012


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12:46 PM   [18 Jul 2012 | Wednesday]

A New Perspective On Worship

"New Perspective on Worship"
As I was sitting in the church nursery by myself having my alone time with Jesus, reading my bible, suddenly the worship team went into practicing “Commission My Soul”.  The song that has always stood out to me the first day I had heard in during 220i. I put my bible down for a quick second just to sing along with the worship team. I was singing every word of the song with my heart to Jesus. I felt like every time I heard that one song, it just opened up God’s presence so strongly, that all I wanted was to just sit there and sing it over and over. God showed me a new way of seeing worship since that moment and I’m going to share that amazing perspective that changed the way I look at worship.
I was really bummed the first few minutes when I heard the song that I introduced to our worship team being played without me for the first time.  I was out of town and I wanted to play with them. I don’t know why, but all these feelings of hurt and betrayal and a lot of questions started coming at.  I was not angry or upset at the fact that it was played without me, it was more like not being told it was being played that night. It was after the advice that God started giving me true and perspective of the whole reason I had went through that situation. I believe it fell into place for the perspective from God to come in and take it’s place in the perfect timing in my life.I then got advice not to entertain the situation by getting angry or upset and never to show anyone that I was upset about it. I wanted to keep telling myself that I did not care about that petty stuff because it is just all small details when it comes to the real piece to the puzzle, which is Jesus Himself. The perspective I got was not grey, it was black and white. Instantly, I wasn’t even feeling those type o feelings anymore.I felt the opposite and it went to fulfilling joy that was overwhelming! I knew it was the joy of the Lord that was sweeping over me like He has always done. The joy and understanding gave me a clear mind and heart of why worship was introduced to us in the first place. Worship is created for moments of intimacy with Jesus, moments to just focus your attention 100% on God and Him only. It is to give Him the glory and the praise for who He is and what He has done and still do so His true and pure children, can be able to step into His presence deeply without any other focuses. When we introduce any songs to anyone, we should not expect to get even 1% of that glory. I didn’t want the glory for the song, I just wanted to be able to play it with the worship team but God was just showing me that with the glory. I was sitting in church service and during the sermon this came to my mind out of nowhere. A lot of people think they deserve at least 10% of that glory recognition because they think they need to be owed something for the work put into it but truly, I wouldn’t want even 1% of that glory.
As God keepsshowing me new waysto look at worship, I will keep writing, because it’s never ending to learn something new about God. We can never learn every single thing there is to know about God. I want to know His heart about worship and how He sees it in His eyes. I will keep on writing and presenting songs, but I will make sure every single day I am doing that, that my heart is purely right. God will show everyone certain things in different ways, especially if He knows your heart is open to it. Receiving a new perspective from the Lord is what I always want because that’s how I will know I am growing in the Lord.
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