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The Bible, Your First Source of Truth

While you are searching for the truth, do not forget to look to the first source of truth: your Bible, for it is our instruction manual.  It is the living, breathing Word of God.  The Bible is good for all instruction.  Psalm 119:160 All Your words are true; all Your righteous laws are eternal.

In present Christianity, many of us spend a lot of time searching for direction, inspiration and motivation to live a Godly life. I am one of these people, and I hope you are, also. Do not neglect the importance of your daily devotion, I’ve used them often myself. I also have social network friends who post their daily devotions as well as social networking sites that I go to on a daily basis.  They are one of the best ways to see real life situations of today compared with situations that occurred during biblical times.  Christian books do this as well.  There are so many great Christian books written that are gender and age specific, or not, dealing with most every trial we as Christians face on a daily basis. Listen to Christian radio, Christian Books or the Bible on CD while you’re in the car.  Have Christian TV on  while at home.  There are many way to fill your ears, eyes and mind with the word of God.  There are many sources where we can learn about the word of God, how it works and how to apply it to our daily lives.  What we must remember is that while all of these are wonderful sources, we must return to our Bibles for the most pure and original guidance.

While on your journey in search of God’s truth, read your Bible, and continue to supplement this truth with a Daily Devotion, Bible Study and Christian Books, Christian radio and TV.  Keep your mind focused on the Lord, praying without ceasing.   Pray first thing when your eyes open, last thing while closing your eyes and before you read anything.  Whether it be your Bible, your daily devotion or a Christian book of your choice.  Pray that God will help you to understand and apply what you read.  You’ll be amazed and delighted by how these simple actions will enrich your life. I wish you all the best and that you find serenity, joy and that you find God’s will for your life.

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