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12:57 PM   [16 Jul 2012 | Monday]

Jumping To Conclusions

Proverbs 18:13

This single verse in Proverbs 18 has a very important truth and it deals with something that im sure each of us has been guilty of, i know that i have, and that is the mistake of jumping to conclusions. We all know how it goes. We see something or here something and we then assume that we know the truth about it. Without knowing all the facts we decide that we know exactly what is going on. the trouble with that is most of the time we do not know exactly what is going on. We jump to a conclusion before we know all the facts. And believe it or not this can have long lasting affects on us and our relationships.

I remember once years ago the Pastor of the church where i attend was seen standing at a hotel with a woman. Naturally those who saw them assumed the worst. But what they didnt know was that my Pastor and a male friend of his were helping this family that was new in town  find a temporary place to stay. The Pastor and woman were standing outside in th parking lot waiting for her husband and his friend, who were just minutes behind them, to arrive in the friends truck which was hauling the familys belongings. The Pastor was innocent in this but it is easy to see how juming to conclusions can cause trouble. And its funny, when we jump to conclusion the conclusion is always something bad, we never assume something good. Maybe we can chalk that up to our human nature.

God says that answering a matter before we hear all the facts is a "folly and a shame" to us. This can apply to the bad mental habit of jumping to conclusionas and the bad judgement of making someone a promise before we know all the facts. If we truly knew all that was involved in keeping some promises we probably would have never made them in the first place.

So next time you are tempted to jump to a conclusion before you know the real truth about something remember this verse. Refusing to jump to conclusions can save us a lot of grief. It can also save us from doing damage to relationships that are important to us. It is simply not a wise move to jump to conclusions, no matter what they are. God wants us to gather and know all the facts about a matter before we answer it or make a decision about it.

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