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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:59 PM   [15 Jul 2012 | Sunday]


We clearly recognize that many people on this site think that we are a little paranoid about satanic activities, and these are usually younger individuals who have not seen the detrimental effects that Satan can bring into their lives. God is offering us a lesson by this experience and many do not see it. It may seem to be an insignificant event when the workers of Satan place posts one right after another until the page is filled, but that is just the beginning. Satan is always attempting to get into anything that is considered to be Christian in nature because of his hatred of God. The people that post these ridiculous statements may not even be aware that they are doing the work for Satan, but common sense will tell anyone that selling sneakers and knock off watches and such does not belong on a site devoted to Christian principles…

The methods of Satan are endless, but his objective is to get people away from their devotion to our Lord. Allowing or thinking that anything that he does is insignificant is a grave error. If, for example, we pay no attention to his continual interference with this site, sooner or later, the site becomes less religious and eventually it will collapse. This is exactly how Satan works within our lives also. He influences us to do things that seem insignificant, although we know that they are wrong, until he moves in with more important aspects of his influence but we are so used to dismissing him and his attacks, we do not see the problem.

We all think that we a smart enough to recognize a satanic attack and that also is a grave mistake. Our arrogance is what he relies on in order to get us to do what he wants and that is for us to be disobedient to the wishes of God. Let us take an example of his methods and see if we can relate to it… If we normally pray on our knees before we go to bed; and we should show our reverence by being on our knees; and then one night, we realize that we forgot to say our prayers and are already in bed, Satan will try to convince us that it is perfectly alright to pray while in bed until we eventually end up not praying at all !!!

Almost all people do not see satanic attacks when they first begin. His methods are so subtle that they are almost impossible to identify, but at some point, it becomes obvious that we are doing something that we then recognize as being detrimental to our lives.  We need not fear Satan, but we should respect his intelligence because it is far greater than ours. The reason that we finally see the satanic activity is because the Spirit, in many and varied ways, makes us aware of it. A friend may come to you and ask you what you are doing and do you not see that it is wrong, or there are many other ways of being made aware of being influenced by Satan. The good news is that our Lord is always looking out for our best interests and will protect us, but we must want to stop being influenced because often Satan has us doing things that we enjoy in spite of that fact that they are detrimental to us.

Being constantly aware and looking out for attacks in not being paranoid, it is being aware of how persistent Satan is in our lives. First, we must understand and believe all that we have said is true and accurate. Then, we must want to change the fact that we have, without our knowledge, succumb to a satanic attack. But, this takes many experiences before we begin to see and understand how much Satan can hurt our lives. Only then can we see these attacks more quickly and do something to stop it. But, never think that he will not return and try again. This site and how he controls certain posts by loading the page to get a particularly important message off the first page is a perfect example of how he works. It is not insignificant and needs to be dealt with on this site and in our lives… This is a lesson and we should see it that way and pay attention !!!

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