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Do Nothing?

Sometimes it’s necessary to just stop and examine EVERYTHING that we are doing, to distinguish between the parts of what we are doing that really matter and those that don’t. Sometimes, just sitting down WITHOUT AN AGENDA or a plan is the best agenda or plan we could ever have. Sometimes, doing “NOTHING” can be the most beneficial moments of our week. That is something to think about…

Being still…..Settling…..Listening….Allowing all the noises, within and without, to subside.

I thought about this today, as I sat next to my husband, doing “nothing”. He didn’t want anything more than for me to sit next to him, as he occupied himself in his game. I didn’t need to do ANYTHING. I didn’t need to give him the spill about my day. I didn’t have to say a word. He simply wanted just to be in my presence…..and ME to be in his.

Reminds me of what the Father desires of us. At that moment, it seemed like such a sacrifice for me. All of the “stuff” I needed to do. The cleaning, the studying, the researching, the writing….and the list goes on and on, BUT I sat there! I told myself “life is not all about you” and I SAT THERE, for a good while, doing “NOTHING”…. “BEING STILL”, just to make him happy (which is another teaching for another day). I’m learning to cherish each moment as it comes. I’m realizing life is simply a string of moments….and how I spend these “moments make up my life and, ultimately, my future.

I’m a “doer” by nature, so whether it’s spending time with my family, taking care of responsibilities inside the home, studying the Word, writing in my journal or for my next blog, praying alone or calling a prayer gathering, encouraging someone, completing a project, or doing research, I’m usually trying to find something to “do” to stay occupied. For me personally, I have taken “I’m bored” out of my vocabulary (another topic….another time).

So, my time of doing “nothing” didn’t last too too long. As I started “being still” and “settling”, meditation mode kicked in and, shortly after, I begin to write. My! The clarity that comes in our “settling”. The revelation that flows when all of the voices subside, except for the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Busy does not mean productive. Busy does not mean fruitful. Busy does not mean acceptable. Busy does not mean necessary. Busy doesn’t mean expedient. Busy does not mean profitable. Busy does not mean beneficial.

On the other hand, “doing nothing” does not always mean unproductive. It does not always mean unfruitful. Doing nothing isn’t always unacceptable and unnecessary. It isn’t always unprofitable and unbeneficial. At times, it becomes a necessity. As a matter of fact, I believe that, to God, sometimes our “doing nothing” is actually more beneficial than “doing something.”  Wow! That’s a word!

Here’s the real issue: BALANCE! You can choose to live a life where busy-ness controls you or you can choose to live a life where you have control and balance. Take the time to “stop  and smell the roses”.  It’s okay!

Never would I depreciate the command to “GO”…..Yes, GO! …and in our going, let’s know when it’s time to “be still”. In the Word of God, we are instructed significantly far less to “BE STILL” than we are to “GO”. So, definitely….GO! With purpose and on purpose! Always remember, though, on those few occasions, “being still” and “doing nothing” just might be what we need to arise WITH purpose…..rather than to simply “GO” aimlessly.

I’m applying it ladies! In the grind of life, I am making it a point to occasionally STOP, DO NOTHING, and REST. My husband will appreciate it! My children will appreciate it! I WILL APPRECIATE IT!

Let’s know when it’s time to refuel….spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and even relationally. Your body may not tell you. Your mind and heart may not tell you. Your feelings may not tell you….but, in listening attentively, your spirit WILL tell you. Know how to listen. Know how to hear. Know how to receive. Know how to heed. Check out other blogs! 

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