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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:57 PM   [13 Jul 2012 | Friday]


A company declares bankruptcy or is placed into bankruptcy because it cannot fulfill the financial obligations that it has accrued. Often, the company is allow to reorganize and many times this permits the company to stay in business and over a period of time, pay its’ obligations. However, the leadership of the company is immediately eliminated and a new and hopefully better system is brought in with new leaders. The first thing that is done is that all nonessential or unprofitable aspects of the company are abolished and all holes in the organization are plugged to prevent further loss of capital. The new leaders review every aspect of the company and either drop the activity or bring in new management that knows what to do. Usually, a company becomes bankrupt because of poor management that makes bad decisions and causes the disaster. The one thing that is never done is that the new management spends huge amounts of money thinking that it may help in some way. Before any money is spent, the old bills must be paid and any new investments are very carefully reviewed before any action is taken so that the company does not increase its’ problems…

This country, as well as most other nations around the world, is bankrupt !!! It is foolish for people to live in some sort of denial thinking that everything is going to work out because it is virtually impossible considering there is not enough money in the world to solve our problems. And we got to this point because of very poor management. Now, we have to try an overcome any arguments concerning political parties because that is not going to solve the problem.

Washington is filled, and has been for many years, with people that are not qualified to do the job for which they were elected. In fact, Washington has absolutely no connection with the rest of the country and has little interest in the people that they supposedly represent. The truth is that their first obligation is to those who contributed to their campaigns, and their next objective is to do everything to get reelected. Their quest for power and influence overcomes any common sense they may have had prior to becoming a member of the Washington community. The members of Congress do not even read most of the Bills that they vote on, but vote a certain way because they want others to vote on their Bills and that is how it is done.

When a Bill is passed that over 70% of the population did not want it, this has to give everyone insight into how much they pay attention to those who elected them. The deception that is used to make things appear to be working is incredible. We are told that more automobiles that were built in this country were sold last year than in the last few years. What is not told to us is that those automobiles were made by Honda, Toyota and Nissan, all of which build cars in this country.  None of the old and useless programs have been eliminated but we have added new programs that will cost trillions of Dollars that we do not have. Sending exploratory vehicles to Mars does not seem to be a vital objective under the current set of circumstances.  And, thinking that Congress is going to increase the taxes on the wealthy is probably not going to happen considering that all the members of Congress are wealthy. However, a little known fact is that Congress can and does place into many laws a provision that they are exempt from those laws…

This is incredibly poor management and although the present government inherited a deficit, it was not so large that it could not have been managed with proper choices and without increasing it to the level at which it has bankrupted this country. Unfortunately, we are faced with a choice in the coming election of who will hurt this country the least, but we cannot continue as we are because it is certain disaster. The surveys taken indicate that over 85% of the people in this country are worse off now than they were just a few years ago !!!

We must seek Divine intervention in this election and ask God for a few things. We must ask Him to have people use their common sense and not some political party platform for the way they will choose our next leaders. And, we must ask Him to give to those leaders the wisdom to be good managers, no matter who those people may be. Also, we must ask Him to reverse the direction in which we are going and give integrity to those that we elect…And, that is just the beginning !!!

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