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12:30 PM   [09 Jul 2012 | Monday]

God Already Has A Plan

Exodus 4:1-13


Moses was in a situation that was causing him great fear. The God of heaven was calling him to do a task that he felt unqualified to do. As he protested God gave him some signs to show that he had indeed been called by God for this task.

Moses was so worried about what might happen if he obeyed God in this situation. Notice what he says in verse 1. "suppose they will not beleieve me, or listen to my voice". But God already had a plan for that. God gave him the signs of his rod becoming a snake, his hand becoming leprous and if this wasnt enough Moses was to take water from the river and pour it out onto dry land and it would become blood. God knew what Moses would be facing and He already knew what He would do.

What are you worried about today ? What are you afraid might happen ? Friend God knows what you are concerned about and He already has a plan to take care of that situation. God already knows what He will do in whatever situation concernes you. There is nothing that happens in your life that catches Him by surprise. He is prepared for all that comes to pass. He knows exactly what He will do.

But like Moses we must be willing to believe this and respond to Him with obedience. Who knows what you may miss out on if you refuse to obey Him because you are worried about what the future will be. We do not have the luxury of knowing what the future is but we do have the luxury of knowing that whatever it is God has a plan in place to handle it. Our future may be unknown to us but it is completely known by Him. In fact, He is already there waiting on us.

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