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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:59 PM   [08 Jul 2012 | Sunday]


If anyone believes that not rejecting the attacks of Satan does not matter to God is in for a very big surprise on the Day of Judgment. This site and all other things in life are relentlessly being attacked constantly by Satan, but most of the time we do not even recognize it. However, in the case of this site, God may very well be allowing these attacks to see who is rejecting them and who is dismissing them as being insignificant. This site is no different than our individual lives. If we know that Satan is involving himself in our affairs, we have every opportunity to reject him. If we do not because we think that whatever it is that we are doing is small and really does not matter is either very naïve or just plain stupid… God will not be mocked and He has given us ample opportunities to reject Satan, but there are obviously many that choose to ignore the warnings, and this is a huge error on their part !!!

Continuously being aware of satanic attempts at influencing events in our lives is not being paranoid, but it shows an understanding of the power of Satan and how he has caused destructive events throughout the history of man. It was not coincidence that God choose to tell us about Satan in the very first few chapters of the Bible because He knew that Satan will always be looking for ways to influence man. And, look at what happened to Adam and Eve when they did not reject Satan, they were thrown out of paradise… We were being warned then to be aware of Satan and to understand that there will be consequences to succumbing to his devices to entice us to be disobedient to God.

There are only two forces in this life that govern our behavior; good and evil… We must realize that nothing just happens, but there is always a series of events that precede every incident. And, you can bet that Satan is a part of attempting to guide us down the path that he wants us to go. And, because we do not understand nor fear his powers, we usually follow his lead without realizing it, and always pay a large price for not being alert. He has no fear of anything except God, but even then he tried to influence Jesus, but lost. However, we see that he seldom lost when he attacked those around Jesus, and he clearly wins most attempts to influence us today.

Satan is the cause of all evil and every problem that exists today and every problem that ever happened. This is not conjecture but information given to us from the teachings in the Bible. God has tried to warn us with many stories that include the attempts of Satan to cause problems and usually succeed, but He also shows us the result of rejecting Satan, and that is victory… It is essential to continually be aware of Satan and his methods of operation. Many make the error of dismissing Satan as an unimportant character and these people are making a huge mistake. Satan wants us to believe that he is merely a small part of life, but in fact, he rules most of the world from behind the scene.

We need not fear Satan, but we must always understand the immense power that he processes. There are those that believe that he does not even exist, but we cannot over emphasize how influential that he is in our lives. But, we all know that there are times that we intentionally allow him into our lives for that certain event that we want to do, and this is a human flaw, but we should make every effort to overcome this weakness. The problem though is that if we give him any opportunity to get to us, he takes up residence. This site is a good example of the methods of Satan. If we reject him, he leaves us alone but only for a short period of time. He then tries again and if he is not rejected, he takes up residence and will slowly destroy the purpose of this and other sites like this. This is true within our lives also. All of this may sound paranoid to some people but that thought was put into the minds of those people by Satan in order to win them… His methods are simple. Do whatever it takes to place doubt into the minds of people concerning everything that is good and Godly. Just ask yourself if you have seen someone waiting to cross the street and you think about stopping and allowing the person to cross, but then you decide to continue on and let someone else stop. Think about things just that simple and you may get some idea of how Satan involves himself in all that we do. The Bible is filled with warnings concerning Satan and his attempts to influence our lives for good reason. We must pay attention to those warnings and we will find our lives less stressful and have also carried out the will of God as He wants for us !!!

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