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Hearing God's Message

Throughout the next few weeks, I want to share some thoughts from my study of Job.  Many of these thoughts I am sure will not be new and groundbreaking, but I hope that God will touch your life through Job as He has touched mine.  God reveals things in Job that are as relevant today as they were when Job was experiencing them.   I am in the process of putting together an eBook that I hope to have finished soon.  It is a look at the Message God has given us through the book of Job.  This blog will contain excerpts from that book and other thoughts relevant in this walk of trying to be a Christ-follower.

This first week I wanted to ask a question that is not restricted to the study of Job, but of the entire Bible. 

How do you look at the Bible and how do you study it?

I have been praying for years that God would help me understand His message in the Bible.  The Bible is more than just chapters and verses; it is God’s message to us.  I believe that there is a message throughout the Bible that can help us through every life situation.

When studying the Bible with my children, I always tell them to look behind the verses; what is the message God is really trying to get across. I believe that every story, every event, every part of the Bible has been preserved and passed down for a reason.  I believe that all scripture is Divinely Inspired (II Timothy 3:16), but I can’t help but always ask myself when studying, ‘Why did God feel that it was important, or necessary, to include this in the Bible?  What does He want me to learn from this?’  A few years ago I started to study the Bible with those two questions in mind and to put out of my mind preconceived ideas of what particular scriptures meant. It is not any kind of new revelation that I was looking for in scripture, but instead a better understanding of the revelation that the Holy Spirit directed the writers to record. I found that just reading the Bible, not necessarily reading it to study or prove a point; helped me to understand it better. I started by reading the New Testament straight through, sometimes in one setting, and not dwelling on specific or isolated verses that I had always been taught were central to our faith.  We tend to focus our attentions on sections of scripture or specific verses that validate our doctrines instead of listening to the message God wants us to hear.  As I read, somewhat of a different message started to emerge than the ideas or doctrines that I had always been taught were the core to being a Christian.  Again, I am not looking for a new revelation.  The Bible is not and should not be made hard to understand. When you seriously read it, the message becomes clear.  I would encourage you to try this approach to scripture, as you also might start to see a message behind the verses. 

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