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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:57 PM   [06 Jul 2012 | Friday]


Although we have spoken about prayer before, this event is so important that we need to remind ourselves constantly of the essential aspects of prayer. Prayer is merely talking to God. It is not repeating some predetermined paragraphs that others have written, but it is like speaking to our best friend whom we trust. However, the most important element of prayer is that we do it in the spirit, that is, within our minds. We should never speak out loud when we pray because prayer is discussing our inner most thoughts with God, and if we speak out loud, Satan will hear our thoughts and use this information against us.

Satan cannot read our minds, although God can and knows what we are thinking all of the time. Obviously, this can cause us to feel shame at various times, but that is another issue… But, if we pray within our minds, Satan cannot know what our deepest feelings are and then is unable to use these feelings to try to disturb our lives.

It may be helpful for some if as they begin their prayers to try and get a mental image of God sitting on His throne and leaning over a bit just to hear us. Using a mental device like this causes us to concentrate very deeply and blocks out all other thoughts. We are humans and our level of concentration has a tendency to wander, but when we find ourselves drifting, get that image again and the thoughts become deeper once more.

What we talk about with God is entirely up to the individual, but included in our prayers, we should always ask for His forgiveness even though we have already been forgiven as a result of the sacrifice of Jesus in our behalf. The reason for this is so that we become aware of our sins and also the enormous number of sins that we commit every day. Attempting to conveniently forget certain sins is clearly a waste of time since God already knows about them and trying to fool Him will not be taken very well by Him…

We are told to cast all of our cares on Him, and “all” means exactly that. Prayer, in a sense, is a form of praise because it indicates our trust and reliance on God. We should also remember that speaking with God is about our own feelings and concerns because we have a personal and one on one relationship with Him. Praying for others is clearly a noble gesture, but others can pray for themselves. This does not mean that we should not include others in our prayers, but the emphasis should be on our concerns but included in those concerns can include others that we know and love…

When we pray, we should always show our reverence to God by being on our knees. Although this may be difficult for some people, it would not be a surprise to see that person get on their knee to pick up a hundred dollar bill that they found on the street. Many people pray as they are lying in bed, and we can be sure that God is happy that those people are so comfortable when sometimes they fall asleep during their praying. We are speaking about God and considering what He has done for us, it seems that the least we can do is show respect for His position as the Creator of all things. Stop making excuses, just get on your knees !!!

What each of us speaks with God about is between Him and ourselves. But, using flowery language does not impress Him, honesty and sincerity does. He knows our problems already better than we do and puts us on the right road because at times, we do not even understand our own concerns. We may be going in one direction and He knows it is not correct, so He will guide us unto the proper way so be prepared to listen. There are some people that believe that they hear the voice of God in their minds, and this is a possibility. But generally, we find that after we pray and discuss our feelings that new thoughts come into our minds concerning the particular subjects of our prayers. We must be extremely careful when we think we hear God speaking to us, because this is a very much used method of Satan to get into our minds and disturb our lives. This is not to say that God speaking to someone does not happen, but be aware of Satan and his methods and as we are told in the Bible to always test the spirits. Thinking that God is speaking to us appeals strongly to our ego and Satan relies on that human aspect. God is always there for us and wants us to come to Him for everything to give us guidance in order to enhance our lives. We see in the Bible that whenever people prayed to God, whatever was requested just happened and we should expect the same.

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