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  Religion & Philosophy

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angelachong (1)


12:56 PM   [04 Jul 2012 | Wednesday]


The Bible speaks about “works” that we are encouraged to do, but many misunderstand exactly what “works” are. Most people believe that it is going out and trying to bring souls to Jesus and feel ashamed that they do not do this. But, for most people, “works” is just the act of believing and living within the boundaries given us by God. Paul talks about gifts that our Lord will give to some men in Ephesians; first, apostles, then prophets or preachers, some will become evangelists and finally pastors and teachers. For these men that have been chosen in one of these categories, “works” is an entirely different story.  The list is given to us in order of importance.  However, there is no distinction of importance in the “works” for which they are expected to do. Apostles are those that had direct relationship with Jesus and were with Him or were directed by Him personally. Prophets, which we now call preachers, are those that have been given a unique gift of understanding of the Bible and are responsible to help others in their understanding. Evangelists are those that do go out and try to win over souls to Jesus; and pastors and teachers are men that are responsible for a particular group of believers. For these individuals, “works” is doing what they are called to do by God !!!

Paul does talk about what the ordinary believer may be asked to do but, the task is within the group to which they belong. The jobs of actually cleaning or repairing the building in which the church meetings are held would be one of these jobs, or “works” for example. There are other tasks and one of them is giving money to the group. Some are called to do this, but this should not be confused with tithing which is not a requirement for any Christian. Tithing was abolished along with all other Jewish laws upon the death of Jesus…Any church in which the leaders requires tithing should be admonished by the congregate and these leaders should illustrate their faith in the promises of God to supply all of our needs.

There are many misunderstanding about exactly what true believers are supposed to do and what they should not do. Unfortunately, many pastors actually increase these misunderstandings because they are using a Bible that has been adjusted and altered by men many years ago. Almost every different group is taught different things concerning the same lesson that is being given because their bible interprets it differently. The belief that it does not make any difference which Bible one uses can be very detrimental to the individual as well as the entire congregate. And of course, this makes Satan very happy. We must understand that Satan is not interested in destroying the Church, he just wants to run it.

But, returning to “works”, the job of the ordinary individual is merely to believe and live as a true Christian. This is not an easy task, but that is the responsible of each person. If a person is asked to do some particular task to help the group,  that would also come under the heading of “works”.  There is nothing that is unimportant that helps the group and each person asked should be glad to do whatever is requested of them. But, most people are not prepared to go out and try to win souls, so no one should feel that they are not doing the “works”. The ordinary believer does have the responsibility to be a good example of how a Christian behaves and that could also be considered “works”…

Years ago, groups would hire preachers to come to their meeting and speak to the congregate, but this has changed in recent years and the pastor usually does the preaching. The problem in some cases, and in every case where the pastor is using an altered version of the Bible, is that his message can be misleading to his group. It is up to each and every true believer to read the words of God for themselves and rely on the Spirit to give them guidance in the proper understanding !!!

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angelachong | Wed Jul 04, 2012, 09:07

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