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Jeremiah 3

A Review of Jeremiah 3
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


Jeremiah 3:1
Jeremiah 3 opens with Jesus drawing the analogy of a man and his wife and He relates that to Himself and His people. As a man is not to return to a woman who has gone to be another mans wife, so too is the LORD saying that we have one opportunity to respond to His call. His elect will respond immediately to His call as we can do nothing else; however, those who are not elect of Him may acknowledge Him as LORD and savior or they may go their own way. Which ever they choose it is of their own volition and they are given one opportunity to make that choice. Once the choice is made one may say "it's etched in stone". We must realize our Lord GOD is a merciful God and He will allow a man to do as he will, within limits, for a while without judgment. Just as He allows His elect to run with the world until He calls us He also allows the lost to do as they will until He calls them. When they receive His call it is then that He will judge them, and He will only judge them once. Consequently you have those who are not chosen but will humble themselves to the will of the LORD, 1 Kings 21:20-29, and those who are not chosen and will not Jeremiah 38:14-24 and Jeremiah 39:4-8.

Jeremiah 3:2
In the first sentence of this second verse we see our Lord GOD telling mankind to look at the multitude of false beliefs they hold. We know this because "high places" is nearly always speaking of false beliefs. The LORD follows this up with "and see where thou hast not been lien with". The LORD here is saying Israel, the world, has many false gods which we grasp from "thou hast not been lien with". The LORD continues as He vents comparing Judah to the lost Arabians in the wilderness who don't know the LORD. The LORD closes this verse telling Judah exactly what they have done and how they have done it; but, most lost mankind will never accept truth: Malachi 3:6-7.

Jeremiah 3:3
In verse 3 the LORD is telling us the consequences of verse 2 as He says "the showers have been withholden, and there hath been no latter rain". The early rain are all the souls saved by the LORD before the cross while the latter rain are those brought to the LORD by His chosen on until the end of the world: James 5:7.

The Christ is the firstfruits: 1 Corinthians 15:23. Through the Christ comes the early rain, where rain means salvation; and this means all those saved by the Christ with no human involvement, i.e. Able, Seth, Enoch, Noah and his family on until and including the apostles. Then comes the latter rain; all of us brought unto the LORD by His chosen. This understanding of the system put in place by the LORD is more in-depth and accurate than my earlier supposition given in "A Review of Jeremiah 2" verse 2. Our Lord GOD then continues as He describes Judah, or the world, as having a whores forehead which is to say mankind is without shame.

Jeremiah 3:4-5
In verse 4 the LORD speaks as a puzzled man for although He knows the heart of every man He can't comprehend it; for, to the LORD, there is no soundness in their actions. In verse 5 the LORD ponders the timing of the unavoidable fate of mankind. However, we know His mercy will endure until a man turns from the one true God or the end of all life as the LORD is the determinant of all things: Psalm 73:1-28. So we can know the LORD will allow the lost to do as they will but, in their end He will exact recompense as He determines it is due: Hebrews 10:29-30. Remember all people, whether saved or lost, belong to the LORD: 1 John 2:1-2. We must also look closely at Hebrews 10:26 as this verse is telling us we get one opportunity to humble ourselves before the LORD. When He will present one with this opportunity varies from one individual to another but He will give all mankind this one opportunity. Once the opportunity has passed if one did not accept it the LORD will dump them into the pile of lost mankind and begin blinding their eyes, deafening their ears and searing their hearts that they will not recognize His truth.

Jeremiah 3:6
In verse 6 the LORD says backsliding Israel has played the harlot under every green tree. Knowing the LORD has written the Bible to us, and we know this because today more people can read than ever before, we must once again realize He is not speaking just about Israel. Israel and Judah in many places in the Bible are simply "place holders" for the world, actually, the world today. It is imperative that we recognize the LORD knows all things; therefore, He knew the vast majority of people alive at the time of these writings could not read; so, why would one of infinite intelligence write to people who couldn't read? The LORD wrote His word primarily for us today. This is the time when the LORD will be saving the bulk of those to be saved. Those saved in biblical times were saved to document the occurrences of that time providing examples through which the LORD would give the metaphors, allegories and parables He gives us in His word. At the time of the writing of the Bible one was forced to attend a synagogue and later a church to hear the word from a Pharisee, Sadducee or Essenes all of whom were false prophets. The one major difference between now and then is today we can't be lied to. If we accept a lie today it's only because we desire to accept that lie and this is why in these end times the LORD has instituted far more fierce and virulent diseases; that those who desire a lie may meet their end through one of these or in some other horrifying way. Those who make it to the last day will endure an even more horrific end. This is all the consequence of mans efforts to ignore the One True God through the multitude of false faiths that exist today as they exist solely to provide lost mankind, those who don't want the will of the LORD, their own way: Isaiah 4:1. So, as the LORD says "she is gone up upon every high mountain and under every green tree, and there hath played the harlot" we can know although He is speaking of Israel He is actually talking to us today about us today. We play the harlot as we seek every belief system comprehensible to ignore the LORD. It's done under every green tree as we run from one church to the next and these churches are primarily built from wood, the product of trees; a thing which I was also guilty of in years past.

The LORD has blessed a vast majority of us today with the ability to read with understanding; therefore, we can read and understand His word until we turn away. Once we turn away from the desire to know the truth of Him, He will blind our eyes and remove our understanding and that is truly when our troubles will begin.

Jeremiah 3:7
In verse 7 the LORD is telling us, through the activities of Israel and Judah, the reaction of lost mankind to Him and His will. The verse tells us in clear language the vast majority of lost mankind will not hear the will of the LORD. They will go about their lives doing as they desire until their end; however, this is not the will of our Father. Throughout this life we are to seek His will for our lives in all we do: John 5:30.

One reason Jesus lived among mankind was to provide us an example of how we are to live and we see in John 5:30 exactly what the LORD expects of us "seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me".

Jeremiah 3:8
In verse 8 the LORD is telling us about our nature as Judah and Israel actually represent all mankind. It is said in most cases it is better to learn from the experiences of another than to experience a thing yourself. Unfortunately just as Judah gleaned nothing from the experience of Israel, most people will walk straight into the pit as well. This is why drug addiction and alcoholism continue to rise. This is why venereal diseases are greater than 50% and lasting marriages are fewer than 50%. The deterioration of societies worldwide is advancing with only a horrific end in sight. All this is the consequence of mankind seeking their desires without any thought for the will of God.

Jeremiah 3:9
In verse 9 the LORD continues to tell us about our infidelity to Him as all mankind are married to the LORD: Jeremiah 3:14. The infidelity and adultery the LORD speaks of are all the false faiths mankind hold as the stones and stocks the LORD speaks of are the idols erected in Israel and Judah. These idols are representative of all the false faiths held by mankind today.

Jeremiah 3:10
Realizing the LORD is simply using Judah and Israel to speak of all lost mankind we begin to recognize faces in the picture the LORD is painting. We see those we know and some we love who are drug addicts and alcoholics in spite of the multitude of examples that preceded them. The same thing must be said for every vice known to man as there is nothing new under the sun. This relates perfectly to Judah and Israel as Judah saw the behavior of Israel and knew of the many warnings from the LORD to Israel; then they witnessed the ultimate destruction of Israel by the Egyptians. One would think this example would be sufficient but, even still, Judah continued becoming ever more offensive to the LORD until she met her fate at the hand of the LORD via Babylon.

Jeremiah 3:11
In verse 11 we see the LORD says "The backsliding Israel hath justified herself more than treacherous Judah". By "justified herself" the LORD means Israel had erected more idols and was further from His truth the Judah. Notice our Lord GOD refers to Judah as "treacherous" and this is because Judah is not far behind Israel in her growing pursuit of false gods.

Jeremiah 3:12
Remember always as you read the word of God that the LORD is not a man. He says many things simultaneously and looking at this verse we see another excellent example of this. The LORD tells Jeremiah to "proclaim these words to the north". Remember from previous studies we looked at Isaiah 14:13 and we saw Satan perceiving his seat as being "in the sides of the north". Know then, through this the LORD is tying Israel to Satan who He is declaring is their lord. The LORD continues referring to Israel as "backsliding Israel" and we can know once saved the LORD never refers to us as backsliding again: Hosea 14:1-9. In Hosea 14:4 we see the LORD will heal our backsliding and this only occurs once we are saved. Nowhere have I found in the Bible any reference to those chosen of God as backsliders. That, I believe, is because a backslider is one who has never been saved. The LORD refers to them as backsliders because they attempt to walk righteously in the sight of God for a while then, because it's not really their nature, they tire of the endeavor and begin to transgress even more greatly: Matthew 12:43-45. This is all the consequence of a man's own strength for when a man has been saved by the LORD he is truly married to the LORD and nothing can tear him away: John 10:24-30.

Reviewing Hosea 14:9 closely you'll see the wise and the prudent are the of God. We can know this because the Holy Spirit is wisdom, understanding and knowledge and no man is wise in the site of the LORD unless he has been blessed with the Holy Spirit or, to put it another way, saved. Well, one may say, Solomon was blessed with wisdom and wealth and he was not saved. This is true however, Solomon was blessed with the wisdom of this world not the knowledge of God. Read Proverbs, even the entire book, and you will see Solomon spent many years of his life pondering questions a person chosen of God would have known the answers to almost instantly; however Solomon was a wise man by world standards. Now, let's look at Elijah and Elisha. Both these men were truly men of God. Elijah was one of only three men to be taken to heaven in soul and body before the end of time; Enoch and Moses were the other two. Many people like to debate whether Moses was taken to heaven in soul and body but, the LORD has given us a few verses that tell us Moses is in heaven in soul and body. The first verse is given when Moses returns with Elijah on the Mount of Configuration: Matthew 17:1-3; Moses and Elijah both return as physical beings: Matthew 17:8. The next big clue is in Jude 1:9 as Satan disputes with Jesus the body of Moses being raised before the end time. From these verses we see Moses is in heaven in soul and body. Back to the matter at hand we see in 2 Kings 2:9-15 that Elijah lived his life blessed in a way that Solomon was not and Elisha was given a double portion of the blessing Elijah had. If we look at the lives of these three men we see the LORD gave Solomon abundant wealth and although He gave many of His chosen wealth none were as wealthy as Solomon. This was because the end of this life was to be the end of Solomon and the LORD did like Solomon. However the end of this life was only the beginning for Elijah, Elisha, Moses and all the chosen of God. We must realize the LORD did give many of His chosen wealth such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all the good Kings of Judah as well as many others. However wealth given unto the chosen of the LORD was not to be flaunted as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all lived in tents. The chosen of God who did flaunt their wealth found it very grievous to have done so: Isaiah 39:1-8.

Jeremiah 3:13
In this verse the LORD is telling Israel He will forgive their iniquity and their transgressions against Him if they will admit their errors. For the errors of Israel were great and they even added to their sin by teaching their heathen ways to the strangers or the lost.

Jeremiah 3:14
The LORD opens verse 14 saying "Turn, O backsliding children, saith the LORD; for I am married unto you". In this verse the LORD is telling us of the bond between Himself and His called and chosen. All Israel was not called and chosen of God. They were only selected by God as a representation of those called and chosen as the LORD cannot divorce His true chosen: Mark 10:2-12. The aforementioned facts boil down to one conclusion; if you have been elected by God at some point in your life you will be called and chosen. When you have been chosen you are granted eternal life and the LORD will never leave you nor forsake you: Hebrews 13:4-5. The LORD closes this verse saying "and I will take one from a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion". Knowing that Zion used in this context refers to God's Holy Heaven, Joel 3:16-17, and the LORD is only saving a remnant, Romans 11:1-7, the minute portions"one of a city, and two of a family" make perfect sense.

Jeremiah 3:15
In verse 15 we see the LORD says "And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding". This is the reason the LORD is bringing the world to its climax. In times past very few people could read so the LORD would give the true pastors to the people that they would hear His truth. Only these pastors taught the true word of God. However, today the LORD does not need to do this as the vast majority of people today are able to read with understanding. Consequently there is no longer any need for a pastor as the LORD deals with us all individually as we read His word. He will open the eyes, ears and hearts of those He has chosen to His truth that we will take His word to the world: Mark 6:7-12. All who hear and are not among His elect but, will humble themselves to His will He will have mercy on them in the lives and in their end: Revelation 11:13. In Revelation 11:13 the numbers ten and seven represent completeness which means the earthquake wrought complete destruction leaving only those who did humble themselves before God. These people were not the called and chosen as all those chosen of God were taken to heaven before the destruction began: Revelation 11:7-12. However these people are those on whom the LORD will have mercy because they humbled themselves before Him. He will leave them unharmed and in the end of the turmoil He will lay them gently to rest. Unfortunately the vast majority of the world are those who will not humble themselves unto the will of the LORD, Revelation 16:9; therefore the LORD has written the book of Zephaniah that they may know what awaits them.

Jeremiah 3:16-19
In verse 16 the LORD is speaking of His chosen after we have been taken out of this world. The first clue is the LORD says "...when ye be multiplied and increased in the land". We can know this increase is in heaven as that is the land the LORD is viewing His in. While we are here on this earth we are here for a purpose but, when we go to be with the LORD that purpose has been fulfilled. The next clue is the LORD says we will no longer say "...The ark of the covenant of the LORD". This is because we will no longer speak of any representation of the LORD on this earth as all that is of this earth will be forgotten.

In the first clause of verse 17 we see the LORD as He speaks of the New Jerusalem: the Jerusalem of Heaven. In the second clause it becomes inescapable; this is the New Jerusalem. In the final clause of verse 17 we see further proof that this is the Jerusalem of heaven as the LORD says "neither shall they walk any more after the imagination of their evil heart". Only after rebirth, the receiving of a new soul and body, can a man turn completely away from the lure of sin.

In verse 18 we see the LORD tells us His people will forget their differences as they will leave Satan's dominion, "the land of the north", and enter the dominion of the LORD.

In verse 19 the LORD sums up the matter as He says "...Thou shall call me, My Father; and shalt not turn away form me". This is simply the Lord GOD telling us in another way "I am a jealous God"Deuteronomy 5:9.

Jeremiah 3:20-25
Beginning with verse 20 and continuing until the end of the chapter the LORD is telling us of the sins of Israel. We must remember very often in His Bible the LORD uses Israel as a representation of the world. Given this knowledge we then look at the last six verses of this chapter and it begins to speak clearly to us. The LORD is looking at all the world in these verses using Israel as the "stand in" for all the lost of the world. Therefore the LORD is saying all He has done for each of us as individuals and all mankind collectively none of us have returned the honor, obedience, respect or even the thanks due unto Him. Therefore, He says we have all dealt treacherously with Him; for which there is a price to be paid.

In verse 21 we see "A voice was heard upon the high places, weeping and supplications of the children of Israel". The LORD is beginning to tell us of the futility of the worship practices of the lost as they worship gods of their own design in the ways they desire and none will worship the one true God: Mark 12:38-40. In the second clause of this verse the LORD validates our interpretation of the first clause as He says "...they have forgotten the LORD their God".

In verse 22 we notice a shift in speech as the verse opens with the LORD speaking and closes with Jeremiah speaking. If you pay strict attention to the writings of the Bible you will notice the almost seamless shift in character is constant throughout many of the prophetic books of the Bible. This is how the Godhead wrote the Bible as "holy men of God spake as they were moved buy the Holy Ghost"2 Peter 1:21.

In verse 23 the LORD is speaking through Jeremiah as He once again tells us of the futility of the worship of idols and ideologies comprehended by men. All power is in God only and it is only through the humbling of oneself that an individual will truly acknowledge this. Unfortunately the vast majority of mankind is not humble and they will do as they desire so, it's their proud nature that will doom them: Jeremiah 44:7-11. It is the desire of men to determine their own fate even in those areas where they have no power. Consequently men determine for themselves they are saved and because the power of salvation is God's alone all who make such a determination are doomed: Romans 9:15-16.

In verse 24 we see what the LORD brings to the lost. Although many of these people may live well and appear to flourish we can know only what we can see and their prosperity is surely only for a time. Just as Saul was king of Israel, from the time he disobeyed the LORD until his end, his life was full of turmoil.

In verse 25 we must realize although it is Jeremiah writing it is the Lord GOD giving him the words he writes; therefore we see Jeremiah speaking things of which he has no part. We know Jeremiah was saved even before his birth: Jeremiah 1:5. So how does he speak as though he were lost? It's not Jeremiah, it's the LORD speaking through Jeremiah about the lost as He says "for we have sinned against the LORD our God, we and our fathers".



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