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   [02 Jul 2012 | Monday]

Read the Bible like a manual, not a book

As an avid reader, I read the Bible like a novel – cover to cover. I read it for peace, enjoyment, and encouragement - and of course for its share of drama.  I was never a huge soap opera fan, but my drama fix was most likely satiated in the royalty of King David, the romance of Queen Esther, and the lowliness of harlots, whoremongers, backstabbers, and men chasers included.


I read the Bible religiously, repeatedly and redundantly. I thought the Scripture "Draw near to God, and He Will Draw Near to you" meant to read the Bible incessantly.  Talk about lost in translation.
However, like any good novel, I became bored with the repetitiveness.  So I decided to give myself a break, and instead of becoming lost in His Word, I just became lost.
I tried to find my way again and began reading the Bible again still under my misguided "Draw Near to God" premise, but instead of becoming inspired with the Scripture, I was confused.
After another read-through, I noticed that there's not a single verse in the Bible that says to read His Word incessantly.  It says to pray incessantly.
That's when I realized the Bible is not a novel, it's an instruction manual. I've read the Bible for years, but wasn't following the instructions. As anything else, the Bible will only serve its purpose if used correctly.
I've always been a literal believer of the Bible, but I have never been a serious follower. I had to do what God Said regardless of suffering consequences, and count it all joy when I did.
I needed to quit reading His Word and start following His Instructions.
So I tried praying more, but it still wasn't doing it for me, and it was because I wasn't really praying. 
After decades of saying the Lord's Prayer, I was no longer praying, but merely reciting lines I learned decades ago.  The phrase, "it is easier said, than done" has no truer meaning when it comes to the Lord's Prayer. 
I thought about the difficulty of forgiving people that have wronged me maliciously and violently. The difficulty of thanking God for the food, job, and shelter He Has Given me today, and not worrying about if I would have those things for days He Hasn't even Blessed me to see.
It was easier to sin in worry than to believe in faith, and I grew tired of being lazy.
I needed to stop reciting and start praying. 
I know now that all of my actions will lead me in either 1 of 2 directions.  The first direction will lead me toward God's Kingdom and Righteousness.  The second will lead me away.  I know the wages of sin is death, and I want to be a forward, straight and narrow person for God, and not a backwards idolater bloated with sin.
I just want to share my insight with others who are trying to get closer to God but don't know how, especially those who are at the point of throwing up their hands and throwing out His hope. Take another look at God's Word, and start applying them in your life.
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