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Frannie (1)


9:15 AM   [01 Jul 2012 | Sunday]

Letters to Jesus (Love) - 5



Dear Jesus,


   I have a bookmark that I’ve used for years. Printed on it are the words: “Be glad of life ...” Then it goes on to list a few reasons why we should be glad of life. To me the most outstanding reason, and the one I think about often is: Be glad of life because it gives you the opportunity to love. When we take advantage of that opportunity it seems to me that it elevates what is human to what is divine. But what the bookmark doesn’t say is that life also gives us many opportunities to not only miss but even subvert love, and that’s nothing to be glad about.

   It is a sobering truth to realize how many times during the course of a day we intentionally ignore or avoid opportunities to love as compared with the opportunities we seize. We are inclined to say that it’s hard to be a loving person all the time – and we’d be right. But that is precisely what we are called to be. The perfection of love is in its practice. There is, without question, a palpable connection between a feeling of gladness and well-being and the unselfish giving of ourselves which is love. Ignoring opportunities to love works toward the opposite of  feelings of gladness and well-being in us.

   Our time here on earth – our life – is the only opportunity we have to be loving. I think in some subtle way we all realize this deep down – so, why do we make choices in opposition to this?

   It seems to me that love is a willful attraction to a reciprocal good that results in self-giving. But what is willed can also be not willed. What is attractive at one point may not be at another. What is not reciprocated dulls our will to give of self. Like it or not, then, love is wrapped up in self. Thus we make choices opposing love because some suit the self and others don’t. Love is only perfected when we are selfless. But we should be glad of each day that gives us the opportunity to be a loving person and to erase self.


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Frannie | Tue Jul 03, 2012, 18:07

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 I like your spin on What  Love is as a willful attraction to a reciprocal good that results in self giving.  It is wrapped up in self. True that!

I have a bookmark that is one of my favorite scripts. I keep this one close when im afraid sometimes.

( 1 john 4;18) "Where God's Love is there is no fear, because God's perfect love drives out fear."

Most people dont fear God nor do they know the Love God has for us! that's why they are hurting and hurt others.

It makes me glad that When I trust the Love of God in my heart, I can no longer trust the man in me too Love, yOu see man/women have been scared of perfect Love since the first sin of Adam, we live in a fallin world, where brokeness is everywhere and Love has been spoiled for the majority of the time here on Earth, But knowing God is coming to get us to bring us into perfect harmony gives me hope. 

Now I can try to love another with my heart, but I fail. When I try in my own strength I fail hard at it, for so many times I have been hurt by others, that It was even today walking into a place where I work, that they persecuted me again. Cause I took a stand in my faith, They rejected me.  So I count it all Joy! cause I walked out with Jesus heart I walked out with the idea, well they really didn't reject me, they rejected God.   you see, what others do to me, they do too God.  But they don't know that...  So I forgive them in my heart, and I move on for the door will open else where the King can utilize my Love and skill elsewhere.

my point is,,,,that without the Love of Christ in my heart, I cant Love or be Loved...I wont allow it. the hurt caused makes one just shiver! I cant imagine what others do with the rage of revenge, No yes, that is pure be selfish is bad,and easier to act out,  to be selfless is harder and must take practice and humility.

I am glad today I walked in selflessness, I sit here to think I did not seek revenge, that I left that up too the lord today, I have peace now.  Oh how someday they will hear this, from the king;  Assuredly, I say, to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to Me! Matthew 25.

I know I lived In Love today, even when i was rejected by others, Thank you, Holy God for your light upon my Path today!

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