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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 59 Years

State: FL
Country: United States

Signup Date: 09/22/2009

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12:29 PM   [28 Jun 2012 | Thursday]

Songs and Poems from the heart

My Help Comes From The Lord

Its been just a long day, all day in the hospitol for work, then I have to go and take my dad to the hospitol for his Obstruction. It was sad to stand with him and have the Doctor on staff in the   Emergancy room tell him the news the full reality of how bad the cancer has spread, I was really taken back from it. I thought it was just in part of the Pancreac now all in the Large Intestines!  Oh no!   He doesnt look like he took to it. It really didn't hit him...But then Maybe it did and he's showing how much he is strong in front of me, his only daughter.

His wife is coming home from a trip visiting her family knowing not of the results before she left, she would of not gone up there. So we are all going to surround him and support what desisions he will make soon. Wow,,and I just started working in the hospitol in the emergercy room.. I end up there after hours...Go figure,

  I am praying in my breath that My dad has a supernatural healing..Im praying that God will have His perfect way....Im not writing a poem about this yet,,It just hit me hard,,,The storm is doing some distruction so suddenly..and Im still keeping my eye on the Lord..I had told my dad, this is a perfect time to trust In God more than ever,, What everhappens He Is with us...Never to leave us...We had a good talk. He is accepting parts of the GOD talk...Praise the Lord...It makes me glad he understands who's he Is...Our maker is our Father in Heaven and the Father of all He roams the earth to see who is looking on Him, who is wanting His Love. We call out too Him He come to rescue us..He's always our Father....

Our Fathers Love is always there....Like my dad , He's always been there for me...even through the hard times.and the times we almost lost each other in a accident many years ago.  Im so grateful that I had the chance to Love my dad through those difficult years of healing.  When we live this life we live it with others our family is what binds us to each other, they are the baseline to humanity, to our future and the memory of Love...Protect it, cherish it, keep on nurturing it, for it is our life on earth what makes life worth living for... Be kind and love one another with all you know how..

.Oh How great the Masters hand to reach out and touch you when you take care of just one of His, Be tender toward one another, give grace to the proud and mercy to the unjust. Just be kind, always Love the unloved, they are those who need you the most...they are them to Love...You will recieve 10fold from God...Trust ...and obey. Love one another. Stay in Love with God, Jesus is Number One. Love Him first,  God Bless you...

This  is only the end of the  first week of this new Blog, and the trials of the what Hits us in the Storm...

To be continued....

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