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Country: United States

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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:52 PM   [28 Jun 2012 | Thursday]


When people are asked what they want in their lives, the usual response is that they would like to be happy. But, this is really a poor choice. Happiness is a transient feeling and something that makes us happy today, may very well make us angry tomorrow. We should be looking for joy if we want something like happiness because joy comes from our hearts and not our minds. However, both of these feelings are below what we really should be seeking and that is contentment !!! And, the key to finding contentment is when you begin to understand that having a new BMW automobile is absolutely no different from having a reliable ten years old Ford. Reality and knowing reality is the beginning of becoming content…

When Jesus was asked by the Roman soldier what he should do, Jesus answered and one of the things he told the soldier was to be content with his wages. The story of the workers in the field and how they were all paid the same amount regardless of how long they worked is about contentment. It is none of our business what anyone else is doing or receiving for the same task as we are performing. If you make an agreement that is satisfactory, then nothing else matters. It is when we begin to compare ourselves with others that we become unhappy. If we use the BMW as an example, the reality is that an automobile is a means of transporting us from one place to another and that is all that it does. However,  material things have become distorted into meaning things that are, in reality, unimportant. Status symbols are all around us and we are inundated with advertisements telling us that we are failures if we do not own this or that. It is very difficult not to be influenced by such trash but believing it makes us unhappy and dissatisfied with our lives. If we look at everything in our lives and bring them down to the most simple terms of their use, and purchased the least expensive of whatever that does the job, we get two things; the job gets done and we saved money that can be used to help others or reduce our own debts that will decrease the stress in our lives. It is a win, win situation, but few do it.

Wealth and the acquisition of wealth is merely a substitute for things that are missing in our lives, and one of things is contentment. Jesus tells the story of the man that had so much that he tore down his barns to build new and larger ones and then died the next day. Jesus also tells us that a rich man has little chance of getting into Heaven. We, like the rich man, spend our time searching ways to acquire wealth and power and neglect the importance of our souls and where those souls will spend eternity… There is nothing wrong with being rich, but disregarding God to get rich is where the error will bring us to destruction. It is interesting that the use of drugs is most prevalent with both rich as well as poor, and the reason is that both groups are unhappy…

If we believe in the promises that are given to us in the Bible, then we have no reason to ever worry or even be concerned about anything. We are told that we will be given all that we need and that everything that happens to us is in our best interests. Once we grasp these gifts and begin to truly believe them, then we are on the road to contentment. But few seem to trust in these words even though they are given to us by Jesus and spend their lives trying to “improve” their position. People do not seem to understand that the book on every life has already been written and no matter what we do, it is not going to stop or change what God has decided for us.

We all need to sit back and consider what we are doing with our lives and see that most likely it will not bring us contentment… Paul instructed Timothy and us all as he wrote:

1 Timthy 6:6-7 “But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.”

As we see, godliness is the prime factor in this statement and is essential to find what we all should be seeking and that is contentment. The thing is that achieving contentment is the easiest thing in the world to do, and that is just trust in God !!!

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