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  Religion & Philosophy

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SRCrosby (2)


12:55 PM   [26 Jun 2012 | Tuesday]


The Bible tells us that God created the Earth and everything in it, but there are some “claiming” Christians that believe in the theory of evolution. Man, for some reason, has this notion that the Earth was the first planet that was created by God, but we have absolutely no idea as to how many other systems were in existence at the time or anything else about all of the other celestial objects in the universe, nor does it matter. Earth is a new planet, that we do know, but we do not know how God created it. He could have taken bits and pieces of objects floating around in space and put them together and formed Earth, and this may explain the existence of strange objects found on Earth. Or He could have included these things that appear to be extremely old just to test our faith in His word. We do not know, but it has no bearing on our lives anyway, so if He says that he created it in a few days, we have no reason to doubt His words… Ah, doubt, now where have we heard about doubt before ??? It is just important to recognize that how the Earth was formed has absolutely no impact on our lives.

But, let us examine this theory of evolution and consider the validity of this idea.  At sometime or other, everyone forms opinions and by the mere fact that they have an opinion, they believe that they are correct. Now, people have a tendency to think that highly educated people are smart, but the reality is that education and intelligence have little to do with each other. But, when an educated person forms an opinion, people have a tendency to believe them because they do not know anything about the subject and think that the educated person does. Highly educated people generally have a large ego,( about the size of Texas in some cases), and when they come up with an idea, they study the possibility and only pay attention to aspects that tend to prove their idea and disregard anything that disproves it, like common sense for example.

Nothing can be greater than itself… If you put a bunch of things together, it can only be as great as the greatest part, and nothing is greater than man. So, you can never get man by putting anything together because man supersedes all things. But, what if we take a frog and it gets hit by lightening, do we get a squirrel ? No, we get a dead frog !!! There is no combination of things or events that when placed together will produce anything greater than the greatest part… Man is a creation of God because there is no other way of making man !!!  It is interesting that man has created absolutely nothing on our own, only God has that ability.

Yet, even in the life time of man, we have changed from time to time which some call evolution. Years ago, man was smaller and weaker and so on, and these educated people claim this to be evolution because now we are larger and stronger, but this is not evolution but rather it is nutrition and medicine. Also, we have a tendency to want to place things into categories. And so we establish certain aspects of things and if an organism or plant fits into the aspects of a category, they are called whatever the category is named. Monkeys and man have many similarities and so they are considered to be the same. But if evolution is the basis of our existence, why do we still have monkeys ? A Kiwi is a bird without wings and an Ostrich and Penguins are birds that cannot fly, but they are still considered birds even though they cannot do the most important aspect of birds because some educated person claimed that there were enough similarities to be classified as such. Apparently common sense is not a requirement to the classification of all living things on the Earth.

God created all things and He created them the way that they are and always will be and He is not required to tell us why or how He did it. We either accept His word or we do not, there is no middle ground where we can say that we believe certain things but choose science as the answer to others. We know that many things are placed in the Bible to test our faith, and the interesting part is that most of these tests do not matter or have any impact on our lives. Over the years, there have been many theories concerning almost everything and after we discover new information, these old theories go out the window. These highly educated people have developed hundreds of new medicines and procedures that after a period of time, we discovered that they actually hurt us more than helping us. It is also interesting that no matter where we go on the face of the Earth, we find sea shells. One may think that the Earth may have  been covered by water at some point, but there does not appear to be any scientific explanation for this…For those unfortunate people that believe the scientists instead of the words of God, you had better reconsider your thinking while you still have the chance. None of these theories have any impact on our lives on Earth, but they certainly will have a great impact on what happens upon our death…

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SRCrosby | Wed Jun 27, 2012, 14:06

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Very good post sir. verygood post.

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