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 June 25 2012.

Let me make one thing clear to all of you. Our life on earth is only temporary, and this body that we're in is just a cover of reality. Society will tell you that the only thing that matter's in this world is Wealth and fame; honestly it will only leave you empty and stained.
The ultimate lie is believing we can make it on our own, the ultimate truth is that God is on the throne.To often we look to sex and drug's to fill our need's and totally neglect the one who set us free. I lived a life of Depression and low self esteem; I couldn't even look people in the eye,
I would always look down at my feet. I've had my heart broken, quite frankly we all have. I've lost friends, Family, and I even died to myself. Most of us base our lives off material things, like jobs, cars, the "next big thing". The truth is that "Our" jobs end in retirement, "Our" cars windup in the junkyard, and "Our" money is always spent, what then? You see, we're selfish in every meaning of the word; and yet God sent "His" son to the earth, "His" son to the cross, and "His" blood was shed for us broken beings; I don't know about you, but that's reason enough for me to believe.
I don't mean to preach, or even shove this principle down your throats; But if you knew the truth, I'm sure you would boast. I'm no longer a slave to sin, nor the pain I had within. Christ took it all at the cross, and the cross is where it ends. We say that we still have time to change our ways; we give it no second thought, we just walk away. Life's not a game, it's an opportunity; an opportunity to define who we are, not in the world but somewhere far.
I made my choice when the chains of sin brought me to my knees, what will be your final push to be set free? Time's not a luxury us humans have, make your move; I pray that you're not left standing in the dark.
Kaleb Glore.
Mood: cheerful
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