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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:57 PM   [23 Jun 2012 | Saturday]


Most people believe that accepting Jesus as their Savior automatically places their names in the Book of Life, however as we read through the New Testament we find that this may not be an accurate notion. Acceptance of Jesus is certainly the most important element of salvation, but it is only the beginning of our process of having our name placed in the Book of Life. Throughout the teachings and lessons of Jesus, we see the various stages that are necessary to indicate the sincerity of the person as He describes in the Sower of the Seeds… If just calling on Jesus was all that was needed, then everything in the Bible would be without purpose. We are constantly told of the various tests and elements of achieving final salvation, but it all begins with a sincere request to God and that sincerity then begins to be tested. When we are accepted is not known, but the work never ends until we finally die. It is possible that the only exception to having to go through the process is when a person is in a condition of immediate death; for example on the battle field or automobile accident, etc., but even then the request must be sincere and not just an act of desperation. The statement of the last shall be first and the first shall be last makes perfect sense when viewed under these circumstances.

As we study the New Testament, it becomes very clear that there are many aspects of salvation that are necessary to have our names listed in the Book of Life. Jesus speaks of a little leaven eventually spreads throughout the entire lump, and the mustard seed grows into a monumental tree but none  of this is immediate, it all takes time and the proper care. Peter speaks about the fiery testing and indicates that it shall happen and not that it may happen. We must always remember that Jesus has told us that many will seek to enter in but very few will pass through the gate. And the few that will pass through the gate are those that have continually followed the instructions for the process of ultimate salvation.

Calling on the  name of Jesus is certainly the beginning of our walk, but many call out in an emergency and when the problem has passed, so is their commitment. The problem is that many, if not most, do not understand that Christianity is just not a way of thinking, but it must become a way of life. And, a life in which nothing else comes before their commitment to their request to God to save them from spiritual death…

It is interesting to understand that no one is capable of fulfilling the requirements for salvation. But, everyone is capable of trying to follow the instructions given to us from within the Bible, and some will try harder than others, but Jesus knows who is His. If calling on the name of Jesus was all that is necessary to get our names placed in the Book of Life, then why is there going to be a Day of Judgment ? We will all be given the chance to present our case to God as to how and what we did to show the sincerity of our request and then the Book of Life will be opened to see if our name is there…

Certainly, we will all slip and fall during our walk, but it is just a matter of getting up and continuing the walk. But, it is important that we learn why we tripped and we can reduce the number of times we fall by reading the Bible looking for the warnings that have been given to us. Also, we must never underestimate the power of Satan who will always be putting stumbling blocks in the path. But, the Bible gives us the answers to all of these questions and the person who studies the most will probably fall the least… And, never forget, the hand of Jesus is always there to help us up when, not if, but when, we fall

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