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Gender: Male
Age: 46 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 04/30/2012

  Dreams & the Supernatural
  Religion & Philosophy

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10:03 AM   [20 Jun 2012 | Wednesday]


Do you ever think, I wish they would just speak in a way I can understand what they are talking about when it comes to the Bible, or while you are reading it for your self?


I want to do that today – just speak from my heart on what I feel the Lord has for us.


So many of us are running around in the hustle and bustle of the day, going here, doing that, taking care of this and so on – in that time,how do we stay focused on Jesus and how do we become a conduit for Heaven to invade our surroundings?


I truly believe it comes out of a strong relationship with Jesus.  We know in the Bible talks about going and praying in your prayer closet – meaning we are to have a prayer life outside of a prayer group or meeting at a church – it is your time alone with the Lord praying in the Name of Jesus that we may be empowered by His Holy Spirit!


In that time, we need to gain a understanding of the Fathers heart for our community – do you realize that your prayers are not in vein when you step out in faith and speak over your community – that salvation, joy,hope, faith, freedom, love be known in the streets and that Jesus is the way to heaven.


You do not need to stand on a street corner (unless the Lord directs you to) to do this.  You community is your land – my question is what team is running it?  Team Jesus and His saints (you and I) or Team Hell (those that are not saved, yet)?


I want to encourage you today that you have the power through the Holy Spirit to break down the walls the enemy has put up.  If you are tired of drug addition,drunkenness, prostitution, laziness, hopelessness, abuse, corruption or whatever you can list – you, as a Christian are called to move in the supernatural.  We are able to police the atmosphere we walk in.


In Corinthians 1 it talks about the Jews wanted signs and the Greeks wanted wisdom – the wild part is that the Lord said that both can be saved – We need wisdom on how to move in the Holy Spirit to release Signs and wonders in the streets of our cities!


I want to see a people so on fire for the Lord to move spiritual mountains that have been holding back the outpouring of His spirit.  A people that pray and believe that they can move in healing.  A group of people that call and put a demand on Heaven to release prophetic words of wisdom and knowledge that set a standard for their church.  A group of people that will not back down from the truth; put stand in the chaos to preach the good news.  A group of people that will move in the gifts of helps and hospitality to meet the needs of their community.  A group of people that will move in faith;have eyes and ears to see and discern the spirit that is operating in their mist. 


This is the body working together to be in unity and the will and purpose of our Father.  Can you imagine if a group would break out in your community, today?

Friends, I want to encourage you, YOU are called to be in that group.  Some of you may be in the front, leading – some may be in that back – following.  It doesn’t matter – just as long as you are in the group.  In the eyes of the Lord,both positions are just as important and the pay is the same!


There needs to be an excitement in the church in regards of whom and what the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit really want to do through us.  It’s not enough to just become a“Christian” by to take responsibility in that role and allow Heaven to invade the Earth through you!


It is time to shake off the dust, stop allowing your surroundings to hold you back – but push through them to fulfill your calling /purpose in Christ.  Some may have sinned and feel unworthy – Repentance clears the page of guilt – Romans says that we are not condemned if we are in Christ Jesus – also your gift and calling, the Lord does not take away because you sinned. Being in a sinful nature will hinder your walk in turn stifles your gifts…


So I hope that you are encouraged, motivated and stirred up to go and be a conduit for Heaven to invade your surroundings today.  Allow the Holy Spirit to direct you in what you do for the Kingdom!



Les Tomlinson, Jr.

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