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Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:43 PM   [20 Jun 2012 | Wednesday]


Clearly, no one intentionally wants Satan in their lives, especially Christians. Usually, when we accept Jesus and ask His assistance in making us a new person, we rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus and feel cleansed in a way… None of us want Satan to influence our lives because we understand how detrimental he is to us and we strive to be good examples of Christian living. However, although all of this is true, not a single one of us has ever completely closed the door and locked it against Satan.

We may want to think of ourselves as good people and have found the correct path for our lives, but, unfortunately, we are human… And, as humans, we are constantly sinning and many times with the help of Satan. No one will want to believe that they sometimes want Satan in their lives, but the truth is that we all do. If anyone does not believe that they have allowed Satan into their lives from time to time, they are kidding themselves and living in denial !!! We all, at some point, often, many times, want to do things that we know are wrong but, we do them anyway. We think that we can control ourselves but, we do things that we know are wrong which means that we have allowed Satan to influence us and we have not rebuked the satanic manipulation of our desires. Of course, this is not a good thing but, it is a human thing but that does not excuse it, it just explains it…

It is also clear that no one really wants to be like this, however there is not much we can do about it because we are human. But, that does not mean that we cannot try to improve ourselves by resisting satanic attempts to influence us by doing a few simple things. First, and this is not easy for many people who believe that they are “righteous”, is to accept the fact that we really do want Satan in our lives for the occasional and intentional sin. Then, we must remember that we are being influenced by Satan before we commit whatever act we want to do. It is easy to realize that Satan tempted us and we succumbed after the event, but by then it is too late… We must never excuse ourselves and put it off as just being a human thing. And, finally, we should ask God to help us in all of this because it is impossible for us to do it ourselves.

It is helpful to realize that the desires that we have that are sins have been placed in our minds by Satan in the first place. No one just goes out and says “I guess I’ll just go sin”, so we must recognize the beginning of all of this is satanic persuasion. He will place all sorts of sinful thoughts into our minds and then sees which ones appeal to us and then moves in on those desires. An example of this is when anyone clicks on a post on this site which looks like some sort of deal. Our curiosity is driven by greed and once the mouse click is made, Satan has accomplished his mission and now has control.

We will never stop sinning, but we can reduce the amount and intensity of our sins by doing one thing and that is to think about what we are about to do before we do it… Satan will do his best to prevent anything from stopping him from influencing our lives and we must believe this otherwise he will continue to control many of our actions, which by the way, are never in our best interests. We cannot drive Satan away, especially if we really do not want to, but we can ask Jesus to rebuke Satan, and He will… But, be assured that Satan will be back just as soon as he feels us weakening and putting sinful desires into our minds once again. The fight is never over, but the Bible does tells that if we resist Satan, he will flee from us !!! And, when we sin, it is very easy to excuse ourselves saying that we were under satanic influence and forgive ourselves. Forgiveness is not something that we have the authority to do, that is up to God. Never excuse any sin for any reason even though we have been already forgiven all of our sins through Jesus. God hates sin and although He may forgive us, every sin that we commit is borne by Jesus and is painful to God… Think about that and remember that it is we that sinned regardless of what caused it, and it was intentional because we could always have asked God to rebuke our enemy…

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