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Gender: Male
Age: 45 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 04/30/2012

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12:44 PM   [18 Jun 2012 | Monday]


There is a lot of talk within the Church about the "next" movement of God, or revival. At times it seems like we are missing the mark in our intercession. I do not have a problem praying for God to rain down, or move upon His people. My issue would be, that the church has her eyes on "key" people that have some type of platform. Now if that platform has been given to them from God, then so be it...


My point is this...God is in the business to use all His children. We should be praying, God us me! Why should there be prayers like...God send your servant to bring revival? You are a servant of the Most High...


Do not take me the wrong way, I know that some have a call/gifting to stir the body...I am all for that, but what i want to do, is to stir you up to realize that you are no different then the other person...


We need to have a change in our view of who we are. You are an ambassador of Christ! You are the Beloved...He has your name written in the palm of His hand...He knows your are a friend of the King!


If we think about just those few titles, why wouldn't the Lord be able to use you right where you are? The Lord is looking for a group of people that are saying, here I am, use me!


A major part of having the Fire of God in your church is due to the cry in the heart of the people. Yes, God can send someone there to start the fire, but who will keep it burning?


Take a look at your prayer life today...what is it echoing? Send someone Lord...or use me Father?

When we think about those in the front line..Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers...Yes I am going to say it...Apostles and Prophets...there is one part of the Body that really does not get noticed or appreciated as much...


We need these men/women on a weekly basis to help the Church operate, but most church members do not view their role as important. Who are we talking about...The that has the gift of hospitality...These men/women serve with a cheerful heart and never look for a reward...


I think some of them have come to a place of realizing that they are the reward is in Heaven. To serve without looking to gain anything, but the Love of their Father...


Some might be thinking, what does this have to do with getting the Church on Fire? If the Church doesn't embrace these men/women and revival breaks out...who will be there to serve the hurting, dying, drunk or full of addictions?


All true servants have the heart of the Father...Its okay to not be in the spotlight. To Jesus, whether you are in the spotlight or in the back ground, are you fully showing the Love of Jesus? That is the key in all ministry...


We should support and encourage those that are in the "helps" ministry today...they are there to be used and not "abused"...



Les Tomlinson, Jr

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