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UnveiledPower (1)


12:58 PM   [17 Jun 2012 | Sunday]


Man is not capable of understanding the spirit world but we can grasp the concept and learn  what they do from the Bible. Our notions about spirits come from the imagination of artists and movies, but in reality, we do not know much about them except that they exist and are used by both God and Satan for whatever purpose is decided to give to them. Our soul is a spirit and only after we leave this earth will we able to see and understand spirits.

We have all seen many postings in which the author speaks about being in the Spirit or, “ the Spirit spoke to me” and there is no reason not to accept this possibility. However, there is much written in the Bible, the only reliable source for such information, concerning spirits and what they do and this is where we should go to gather our knowledge because there is another spirit that exists also that can be very detrimental to our lives. Angels are spirits and Paul tells us in Hebrews that they are ministering spirits sent to help us. Paul also tells us in Hebrews that we should be not forgetful to entertain strangers because some of those strangers may very well be angels in human form. It is important to note that Paul tells us to entertain which tells us that this will continue to happen in the future as well as at that time. So, we know that angels are still here today, both good and bad, doing what they are told to do.

The Old Testament tells us of many times that spirits came to earth in human form for particular reasons, for example when they came to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and many other times that God sent them to do some task. In the New Testament, we see spirits in human form at the tomb of Jesus and also when Peter was in jail, a spirit released his bonds. There are many times that God uses spirits to do certain tasks, but these spirits are different than the Holy Spirit which is the third part of God.

When Jesus speaks to His apostles during the Last Supper, He tells them that He will send them a Spirit of truth that will teach them all things and give them understanding in order to go out and begin His Church. We can only assume that this was the Holy Spirit but He was talking to His apostles not to the entire world. Jesus later speaks about His chosen believers and that they will be baptized with the Holy Ghost but what and how the Spirit speaks to the elect of God is not quite clear. We do not know if He speaks directly to these chosen few or works in other ways to assist the individual. The time immediately following the death of Jesus was entirely different from now because there was no Bible from which to learn about activities that would eventually create the Bible. It was important that the Holy Spirit interact with these men directly so that the wishes of God were fulfilled. However, now we have the Bible from which we can learn and how the Spirit works within us may very well be different.

The reason that there is importance to this understanding is because of Satan. Satan is also a spirit and we know that he speaks to those people which he wants to influence. He spoke directly to Eve and influenced her to disobey God and the world changed forever as a result. Paul tells us a very frightening fact about Satan that should concern all of us and that is in 2 Corinthians when he tells us that Satan can transform himself into an angel of light… In Ephesians, Paul speaks about the spirit that influences the children of disobedience, and so we see that it can be difficult sometimes to know exactly which kind of spirit is involving himself in our lives.  Paul again addresses this issue when in 1 John, he explains that we should always test the spirits whether they be of God or Satan.  This is very subtle also, as Satan is usually subtle, because Satan is a liar and it is very difficult to distinguish the devious methods that he employs to fool us into believing the wrong aspects of biblical doctrine. We do know that he speaks directly to his victims, that is a fact. But, we are not certain of the Holy Spirit speaking directly to us as individuals or uses other methods to get His point to us.

We are not living in Old or New Testament times and things were done differently during those times in order to establish the Church and doctrine, better known as the Bible. We are not suggesting that people have not spoken to spirits, but we have been warned many times about evil spirits and we need to be extremely careful when spirits become apparent to us. The Holy Spirit is gentle and loving and nudges us into the right direction. However, Satan may be more aggressive and try to convince us in a much more outward way as well as being very subtle also. We cannot comprehend the spirit world, at least, not yet and so we must rely on the knowledge and information that we receive from the Bible !!! Many people have been fooled and hurt because they wanted so much to speak to a lost loved one that Satan has used that opportunity to interfere with that person to their eventual hurt and suffering. If we are careful and understand why we were given this information in order to protect us, then we will not be a victim of Satan…

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UnveiledPower | Mon Jun 18, 2012, 14:06

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Amen...Good teaching!

OnFireMinistries | Tue Jun 19, 2012, 16:06

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We pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus that impowers us through His Holy Spirit.  John 10 says - "His sheep know His voice".  In Corinthians chapter 2, 12 and 14 it talks about the how the Spirit of God is given to man - for we know the Bible states that when we are saved, the Holy Spirit dwelling within us...

I understand that we must be on guard to what we hear or listen too...There are always three voices that can be heard...The Father, Ours or Satan. 


Jesus didnt leave this World so we sevre a God that doesnt speak - But left us with His Spirit.  We need to be open and test what we hear and make sure it aligns to the written word and not some whack doctrine...

Many blessings to you!

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