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lazy christians

The tale of the lazy Christian, <br>As you know our world is under a spiritual warfare filled with demons and angels that blend within our daily lives. To a common man, this world goes un-noticed but to a Christian we are trained not to forget.  We live to serve God and his people not to serve ourselves. our duties are to keep Gods commandments and correct those who have gone astray.  As simple as it sounds, most of us Christians fail to do so because we are what you call lazy Christians. We serve and obey God when it is convenient for us. We pick and choose what days to be faithful, and we use petty excuses not to do the right thing. The most harmful aspect of being a lazy Christian is not taking the spiritual warfare seriously. We choose to ignore the battle and refuse to put on the armor of God in order to protect ourselves from SATAN. Without warning SATAN enters our lives and without defense we are overtaken with shame and defeat.  Some of us give up without a fight in the hopes that God will forgive us anyway. Others of us feel that our temptations are far too much for the power of Christ and refuse to ask for help.  I will tell you this, being a lazy Christian will bring you closer to the gates of hell than heaven.  God doesnt want disciples who half do their job, he wants workers who put forth % effort to serve him and love him. What would our lives be like if God was lazy? This world of demons is real, I know because Ive seen them, heard them, and walked with them. Satan is relentless in his voyage to capture Christians who love God. His influence is so powerful that he will use any resources available to promote our downfall. The world tells you its ok, but its not ok. Your own mind will tell you its ok, but its not ok. When God comes back, he doesnt want to find his workers sleep on the job. He expects us to be on guard. I speak as being one who has slacked with my faith. I get tired, want to take a day off and   just enjoy life but I cant do that. There is no vacation from Christianity.  Galatians -5/16 and 2nd Corinthians 12/7, Ephesians -5, 6/10. It is very easy to get wrapped up in daily life and forget about our purpose. We become sensitized to the world and try to blend in. God doesnt want us to blend in with the crowd, rather to stand out and be a reflection of him. <br>what do u think.

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