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9:43 AM   [14 Jun 2012 | Thursday]


Words of Knowledge – what is the purpose and how do they help the body? 


In this brief blog, I want to share on the power of words of knowledge and why does God reveal such things. We know that Corinthians 12 it states that it is a gift that the Holy Spirit gives at will.


So what is the purpose – this is in a nutshell – so it will not be long or deep!


A word of knowledge is something that is revealed by the Holy Spirit that contains information about a situation or circumstance within someone’s life.  It could be in the present or something that has taken place years ago.  It usually will be something that has meaning in their heart or triggers them to remember something that took place in their life.


For me personally, I receive words of Knowledge for people I do not know – I think this is part of the Father extending His love, grace and hope to the person getting ministered too. I believe this happens to build credibility and acceptance and prepares their heart to receive what the Lord has for them. 


Why do I get them for people I do not know? 


Word of knowledge is to stir the person up to receive – If I know something about them and state it as a “word of knowledge” what is there to gain – nothing – I am moving in the flesh and not hearing from God.It is a gift that builds faith both in me (from hearing correctly) and in the person I am ministering too – (2 Corinthians 13 When we tell you these things, we do not use words that come from human wisdom. Instead, we speak words given to us by the Spirit, using the Spirit’s words to explain spiritual truths.) 

The power of this gift is to grab the attention of the one you are ministering too.  One the Lord has their attention it is a lot easier for them to receive the prophetic word! 


Just because we receive a word of knowledge – that is not totally the prophetic word – the word of Knowledge is like a “forward” of a book – you read this part first before you get into the information that is in the book – same with this gift – it sets the atmosphere to receive!


When we receive a word of knowledge we show ask the Lord – Ok, what’s next?  What is the message you are trying to covey to this person –


Have you heard the saying – give me the meat and potatoes?  Many times,the word of Knowledge is the potatoes and the prophetic word, is the meat…Both come through the anointing and ministry of the Holy Spirit.


A few little examples!


A few days ago – my pastor asked if I would  pray with Him and some friends for a Missionary – I did not know this man, I did not know his name nor where he lived.  I said, of course –since I love hearing from God that can change the heart of men, or give them strength and direction!


So the day came, Me. Pastor and our friend Jon where there in the office speaking with this man via the phone.  I love the challenge – there is no way to feel or see his reaction – many times people fall into relying of body language – I think this is a snare and can lead you out of the presence of God.  How so?  We try to align our self and word to their reaction – I always tell people – we do not prophecy by emotion – but by His leading!


Ok – off to the fun stuff!


I was asked to lead – so my first word of knowledge was that His favorite book in the Bible was Philippians and the Lord has five revelations that He was going to reveal to him through this book.


Word of Knowledge

He loves the book of Philippians


Prophetic Word

The Lord was going to reveal 5revelations to him through this book



He agreed that it is “his” book and he quotes and prays verses out of it!


Our friend Jon had a word of Knowledge

This man had a sick brother and was heavy on his heart – the missionary said that was correct and we go to pray for him.

This was a big step for our brother Jon – and it was great to see him step out!


Is there more – yes – we had numerous words of wisdom,knowledge and guidance as the night went on here are a few more… 


I had a word – and this is what I heard as I was driving to he church – I asked the Lord if He had anything to say to this man…I hear “14years”…Ok, what the heck does that mean?


I couldn’t get away from it – so I began to tell this man about it – and as I was speaking I began to say it was something that is on heart and mind for the last 14 years and it’s a prayer that he so wants to see answered and the Lord said that He was going to answer it in a way that was different then what this man was thinking…


Word of Knowledge

A prayer he has had for 14 years…

Prophetic Word

The Lord was going to answer in a way that was different then what he was thinking…



This was the missionary’s words – I have been married for 15years, and for 14 years I have been praying to be able to be a daddy – I wanted to be like other men and raise children – but they were not able to conceive…


Remember – God reveals the secrets of the heart of men – God hears this mans cry and was letting him know that his answer was coming…


The man went on to say, just the other day, I went down to the big brother, big sister program to see if he could join and be a “big brother” to a young boy!


There were many more – but for time sake – I will end –remember there is a purpose to words of knowledge, not for us to “look or sound” spiritual – but to build faith so they can receive what the Lord would have to say!



Les Tomlinson, Jr

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