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Jeremiah 2

A Review of Jeremiah 2

by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible

Jeremiah 2:1-2
In verse 2 the LORD remembers the blind faith Israel had in a God they did not know. How they followed Moses who followed the LORD to a land they did not know. However, it was not long until Israel stumbled and continued to fall as this is the pattern repeated continually by all lost mankind. As children initially knowing very little they do very little wrong but, as the sin of Adam and Eve grew into Cain killing Able thus the sins of lost mankind will grow until the end of time and the LORD is the only salvation: Isaiah 59:13-16.

Jeremiah 2:3
When The Christ's crucifixion was complete He became the "firstfruits of them that slept"1 Corinthians 15:20. This means at the time He arose after the cross the salvation of saved mankind was complete; both in soul and body. The LORD is showing us in Matthew 27:50-53 His salvation is complete as this was the purpose of the rising of some of His saints at that time. So, the LORD saved the souls of everyone who would ever be saved before the foundation of the world: Ephesians 1:4-5. Then at the cross He saved everyone in body, 1 John 2:1-2, and took dominion from Satan: Luke 10:18.

1 Corinthians 15:20-26 gives us the entire salvation program in seven verses. We see in verse 20 the Christ becoming the firstfriut as His crucifixion completes the salvation of all who were preordained. In verses 21 and 22 the LORD explains mankind's loosing salvation and His giving it back, as mankind lost salvation with the initial act of disobedience; the root of all the worlds problems: "in Adam all die". However, the Christ paid the sin debt, before the foundation of the world, for all the souls He would save. Unfortunately, I guess I may say, for any of those souls to exist they had to be born into the world; that is the way the LORD has established it. So He then, once again, had to pay the sin debt for our disobedience in body but, He paid for everyone's disobedience in body. This fact is hard for many to digest but, it is true and it exemplifies the graciousness of our God. It is the reason those who are lost can live without harassment and even possession from Satan; however, make no mistake this is not salvation. Salvation is the saving of the soul and body and the LORD only saved the souls of a remnant before the foundation of the world. In verse 23 the LORD explains the sequence of the rapture. In verse 24 the LORD is telling of the end of Satan, his demons and the entire world. In verse 25 we see the LORD will reign with an iron fist until all things are as they should be. In verse 26 we see the LORD will lastly destroy death as all who are His will be blessed with eternal life.

Our Lord GOD visibly ordained His apostles during the Pentecost, Acts 2:1-6, to bring His elect unto Him. Prior to that Pentecost the LORD saved those who were saved Himself, however, after that Pentecost the LORD endowed His with the power to bring His elect unto Him: Luke 24:49. Since that Pentecost the chosen of our Lord GOD bring all souls unto Him and He will take His elect from amongst them. Hence, I believe the firstfruits of His increase were all those brought unto Him by Paul and the twelve apostles.

Jeremiah 2:4-5
In verse 4 the LORD is speaking to all mankind as Jacob and Israel are one, Genesis 32:24-29, and the LORD uses Israel as representative of the world. The LORD also makes a clear delineation between the Israel of God, Isaiah 59:20-21, and the Israel of the world, Isaiah 5:20-25. Please notice Isaiah 5:26-30 also, for this is the coming of Satan and his demons. They are summoned by the LORD to do His will on the last day of time.

In verse 5 we see our Lord GOD ask the question that only Adam could answer, as it was his disobedience that plunged mankind into the abyss: Genesis 3:6-7. However, if it had been Clark Kent and Lois Lane the scenario would have been the same. Nothing transpires that does not ultimately achieve the will of our God: Genesis 25:29-34 and Genesis 27:1-30.

Jeremiah 2:6
In verse 6 we have a record, given to us by the LORD, of the unappreciative nature of mankind. This is characteristic of all mankind as is evidenced in Nebuchadnezzar spoken of in Daniel 4:29-33. This king is only one example as the Bible is inundated with these self-indulgent characters; a characteristic the LORD hates and one that is exemplified in Satan: Isaiah 14:11-14.

Jeremiah 2:7
Although the LORD here is speaking to Israel we must realize our God has used Israel as an example. When we realize this fact we will see the LORD is speaking to all mankind as all mankind are just as stiff-necked as Israel. So, as the LORD says "...I brought you into a plentiful country, to eat the fruit thereof and the goodness thereof"He is speaking to all mankind as He has blessed us all who are alive with life in this world. He continues with "but when ye entered, ye defiled my land, and made mine heritage an abomination". This clearly applies to us as in society today we have nearly destroyed the ecosystem. We also have the atheist, agnostics, churches of more denominations than I can count, idol worshipers and even Satanist. Keeping in mind though, all of these false faiths are exactly alike; they all worship a god other than the one true God. There is only good and evil. Every man falls into one category or the other and it was God's choice where each man fell. This means a man has been elected by God or he will follow Satan as most men are born lost: Psalms 58:3. Therefore we are all lost unless the LORD has saved us or we have accepted His way as any other way is of Satan.

Jeremiah 2:8
Our Lord GOD opens this verse with "The priests said not, where is the LORD?" This He says because all those looked upon as knowing Him, don't. Furthermore, they don't care to know Him because they want their own way and knowing Him forces them to deny their way. The verse continues with "and they that handle the law knew me not". The LORD here is referring to mankind's law as He handles His own law so, He is saying the penal system of this world has always been totally devoid of any influence from God. He continues the verse with "the pastors also transgressed against me, and the prophets prophesied by Baal, and walked after things that do not profit". The pastors transgress against the LORD as they have studied His word, but they conceive their own meanings for all our Lord GOD has written. The meanings they comprehend are colored by their sense of what the greatest portion of their congregation want to hear therefore, they are not prophets of God as they prophesy by Baal: they prophesy lies. Their sole motivation is their capital gain which is what the LORD means when He says they "walked after things that do not profit", as none of this world's goods will help them in their end. Making the scenario ever more horrible are the congregation members who, "love to have it so": Jeremiah 5:31. The atheist, agnostics, idol worshippers and Satanist without question are not worshiping the LORD. However, those who attend the churches believe they are. They do use the Bible and some even use the King James Bible however, their interpretations of Bible Doctrine vary so greatly from one denomination to another and from the truth we can know none of them are worshiping God: Mark 7:6-8. Furthermore, mankind was created to serve the LORD but as you attend many churches you will see their worship is not worship: it's begging. Some churches have one night a month when they go in all night and ask, with some members actually demanding, material things from the LORD. These things are always the material things of this world and I don't believe any of these congregation members even considers that they have reversed the roles. For when we pray unto the One True God we are to seek His will for our lives; what He wants us to do. Anything else and you're praying to Satan or the wind because the LORD is not your "genie in the bottle". We are His servants here only to do His will and we are to ask Him, always, what He desires of us. When you have done this then you may ask for His protection in this life and those things you truly need. He already knows your needs but, even still we are to ask: Matthew 7:7-8. We must realize the LORD has written Matthew 7:7-8 to His children; those who worship Him in truth and in spirit. These are all those whom He has called and chosen and we are not to come to Him to ask for a new BMW. All who are His know, or will soon learn, we are on this earth only to serve Him: Mark 6:7-13.

Jeremiah 2:9
In verse 9 the LORD says "...I will yet plead with you, saith the LORD, and with your children's children will I plead". The pleading the LORD will do is His call to all the people of the world; both those saved and those lost. We see this today as the LORD sends His chosen forth unto the world with His gospel and it is, for the most part, ignored by the lost. These people reject the word of the LORD for whatever they chose to believe. Even still the LORD brings His truth through His chosen to all who are blessed to hear it: Isaiah 28:9-13. It is possible those lost may hear His word and humble themselves before Him that He may have mercy on them in their end as He does in their lives: Romans 9:15-16.

Jeremiah 2:10-11
In verses 10 and 11 the LORD is expressing His appall as He sees His people trade Him for the multitude of false gods they chose to worship. He says in verse 11 "Hath a nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods? but my people have changed their glory for that which doth not profit". The LORD saw Israel's behavior before the foundation of the world and He is making known to us all who have ears to hear, Isaiah 66:3-4, the world's reaction to truth. I say all who have ears to hear for many people today will not hear the Lord GOD as He speaks of Israel of yesterday and to the world of today. As I have stated in earlier papers the LORD is simply using Israel as the prototype for all lost mankind.

Jeremiah 2:12-13
In verse 12 the LORD is pointing out mankind's abstinence from His will to all the heavenly hosts. He tells the hosts of heaven to "be astonished" at the insolence of mankind. He tells His heavenly hosts to "be horribly afraid" not for themselves but for all mankind. At the same time He tells them to be "very desolate" which is to say have no feelings. These are the words of the LORD as He is preparing His hosts for the horrific end He has in store for lost mankind. An end which is warranted by the thoughts and actions of all mankind, both saved and lost, and will be delivered unto all lost men, women and children: Ezekiel 9:4-7.

In verse 13 we see the root cause of the disaster that will completely overwhelm mankind as the LORD says "they have forsaken me". He follows this evil up with"...and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water". The first of the two evils is their forsaking of the LORD. This is done by all mankind who seek any religious ideology or faith that is not of God. This, simply put, is any faith that claims a person can have any part in their salvation beyond simply being the recipient. It is any faith or belief that denies the existence of our All Mighty God or that will not accept nor deny His existence. It is any belief that worships idols or worships Satan: all these people are doomed to an incomprehensibly horribly end. The second evil is they have faiths, "hewed them out cisterns", or religious beliefs which are of their own conception because they do not want the God of the Bible: Isaiah 30:9-11.

Jeremiah 2:14
The LORD asks three rhetorical questions in verse 14; rhetorical because He knows all things. In Isaiah 59:14-16 the LORD gives us the knowledge of God as we contemplate the questions He has asked. In Isaiah 59:14-16 we see the LORD had to grant salvation unto those He would save or all mankind would have been lost. Hence Israel, Jacob, or all mankind are home-born slaves. Consequent to the error of Adam and Eve all men are slaves to sin unless or until the LORD saves them. To grant salvation to anyone the LORD had to pay their sin debt. His death in spirit from the foundation of the world, Revelation 13:6-8, was accepted by God the Father as payment for all the souls He would save. Then His death in body, at the cross, saved the bodies of everyone from the unbridled tyranny of Satan, 1 John 2:1-2. So, when the LORD returns He will reunite the saved souls of His chosen with their new heavenly bodies created from their resurrected earthly bodies.

Jeremiah 2:15
The LORD has used the expression "young lions" before in speaking of Satan and his demons: Isaiah 5:26-30. Consequently, we can know with certainty the young lions that roared upon Israel, not the Israel of God but the Israel that is the world, are Satan and his demons. In the Bible one example of these young lions is Babylon; however, knowing the Bible is drawing us a picture relevant to the world today we must look closer. Upon closer examination we see this does relate to us today as Satan and his demons are not coming as a destroying nation but, their unveiling work is a failing world economic system.

Every nation in the world is tied one to another economically. As we look around the world we can see the degeneration of every single nation's financial standing: bar none. Even the economic health of America is collapsing geometrically. This is fueling a rapid global collapse as the entire world is economically interconnected. Hence, we see the entire world is the Israel of today and Satan and his demons come, not with another nation, but with greed and man's inhumanity to man fueling the motivation to exploit everything every man can exploit ultimately leading to the end. Seeing this it becomes apparent the LORD will allow mankind to "run completely amuck" before He will command Satan to begin the final destruction. This is once again the mercy of God as the LORD is allowing mankind all the time comprehensible right up until they have exhausted all options.

Jeremiah 2:16
In this verse we see the LORD as He speaks unto those He is calling. The "children of Noph and Tahapanes" are those whom the LORD has already called but, they would not hear. We can know this as Noph and Tahapanes were of Egypt and Egypt throughout the Bible has always symbolized the lost. These children are those who decided to go their own way seeking their own desires. Since all mankind are servants of the LORD, whether chosen or not, we all live under His blessing and we all mustobey His will; however, these servants have rebelled. They have also "broken the crown" that was upon the head of those whom the LORD is calling as seeing the lives of the disobedient those being called have decided to follow. Please notice the LORD sees even those He has not chosen as wearing a crown until they make the decision notto follow His way: Jeremiah 2:15-17. The difference between the chosen and the called is simple, as the chosen follow the will of the LORD and the called only live as He has commanded. This is because the chosen have been preordained to take the will of the LORD unto the world while the called have not. The called are here only to live and add to the number. Once the called decide to go their own way the LORD will blind their eyes and deafen their ears that they will not see or hear His truth: Isaiah 28:11-13. So, the LORD calls all mankind and takes His elect from amongst them; He will make them His chosen. Those who are not elect will either live as the LORD commands in His word or go their own way. All who go their own way have made themselves enemies of the LORD: Philippians 3:17-19

Jeremiah 2:17
In verse 17 the LORD points out all that has befallen His children has been consequent to their own doing. Referring to verse 16 you see His children desired the things of the world and consequently followed the children of the world; actually, the children of Satan. In doing this they have forsaken the LORD as no man can have two masters: Matthew 6:24.

Jeremiah 2:18
In the Bible very often a mention of water is a reference to the gospel of the Christ. However, in verse 18 the waters of Sihor and the river of Assyria are not a representation of the gospel of the LORD. They are the complete opposite of everything that is Holy: Revelation 17:15. Therefore the LORD asks, if you are of Him, "what has thou to do in the way of Egypt, to drink the waters of Sihor"?; as to drink the waters of Sihor is analogous to being a part of this world which those chosen of the LORD are not: John 15:19. We know this is true because Egypt, throughout the Bible, represents those lost in the world. So, to drink of the waters of Sihor is to follow the ways of Egypt or the world or the lost as they are all the same.

When we hear the truth of God we are being called and if we are elect of God we will come. Even still if we are not elect of Him at that time we are given the choice; we can humble ourselves and follow the ways of the LORD or we can go our own way in which case the LORD will be our adversary and He guarantees us a tumultuous end: Jeremiah 42:1-16.

Jeremiah 2:19
In verse 19 we see the LORD speaks to the root cause of all murders, rapes, robberies, thefts, embezzlements and all that which is done under the sun; all that is not His will:"thou has forsaken the LORD thy God". All that which is ill has been bought upon mankind and continues to ferment as a consequence of mankind's distain for the truth of God: Isaiah 30:8-15. Going back to Adam and Eve we get a hint of this distain in Eve even before she ate the forbidden fruit as she embellished the truth of God to the serpent: Genesis 3:3. This is the mother of all mankind which explains the plight of all mankind excepting those, and only those, the LORD has saved: Isaiah 41:8-9. Please notice in Isaiah 41:8-9 the LORD is making it clear we do not of our own volition come to Him but, He must choose us. It is not because of our church membership or any other belief we may hold. It is only His will as He has preordained all those whom He has saved: 1 Peter 1:1-5. Those whom the LORD is speaking of in the first clause of verse 19 are also those He speaks of in Isaiah 30:8-15. They are all the lost of mankind and the LORD is telling lost mankind nothing escapes His sight: Luke 12:2-3. Therefore when lost mankind drink the waters of Sihor and drink of the river of Assyria, which means they go the way of the world, the LORD will keep an account of their sins. The LORD continues the verse with "it is an evil thing and bitter, that thou has forsaken the LORD thy God, and that my fear is not in thee". It is truly a saddening thing to learn our gracious Lord GOD characterizes the sentiments of mankind toward Him, the Father of All, as "an evil thing and bitter"; seeing all He has done for mankind and we forsake Him even still.

Jeremiah 2:20
Reading verse 20, if you understood it properly, you will recognize the first clause is speaking of the LORD freeing His people from bondage. Not just the bondage of rule by another people but, today it is applicable to rule by Satan as the LORD, at the cross, paid our sin debt freeing us all from the flagrant abuse of Satan; particularly those who are not elect of Him: 2 Peter 2:1. In the next two clauses the LORD is speaking of the worship of false gods of every type. This includes the atheist and the agnostics who, by denying God the glory, glory in themselves. It includes the church members who worship their own ideals as opposed to the one true God. This makes them a lot like the idol worshippers who pray to powerless idols rather than humbling themselves unto the will of God. Then we have the Satanists who intentionally worship the devil knowing exactly who he is and what he stands for. All these things are allowed by God that those lost may add sin to sin, Isaiah 30:1-3, making their judgment in the end clear and truly just. All of their faiths are also one in the same as to worship anything other than the one true God is to worship Satan: Revelation 13:7-9. Looking at the next two verses we see the LORD as He begins to clearly identify those things by which all lost mankind can be known.

Jeremiah 2:21
In the first clause of verse 21 the LORD sets the atmosphere; in the second clause of the verse He posses the hypothetical question that all of His chosen will ponder until He blesses us with that understanding. The LORD knowing all things knew Adam and Eve would fall to the temptation to sin. Once they did it would lead to the quick degeneration of mankind; so quick it began in their lifetime with their son Cain. It is only because our Lord GOD is a merciful God, with a plan, that He does not immediately punish insurrection: Ezekiel 31:15-18. Therefore it is only through the mercy of God that the world will continue until its predetermined end.

In Ezekiel 31:18 we see the LORD is once again speaking figuratively as Pharaoh here is a simile representing Satan. Let's take a brief walk through Ezekiel 31:15-18. In the second clause of Ezekiel 31:15 we see the LORD says "In the day when he went down to the grave I caused a mourning". We need only ask ourselves one question here; for what man did the LORD cause mourning? The answer is a resounding none. Therefore this is the first clue this verse along with several before it and all that follow it are referring to Satan. Satan was an angle of the LORD and he was, in earthly terms, a high ranking angle. Reading Isaiah 14:11-15 we can clearly see the relationship between it and Ezekiel 31:15-18. In the final clause of Ezekiel 31:15 we see "and I caused Lebanon to morn for him and all the trees of the field fainted for him". During the rain of Solomon we know Lebanon was part of Israel: 1 Kings 9:19. We also know the field is the world, Matthew 13:38-39, and the trees are the people of the world, Mark 8:22-24. Please know there are two kinds of people in the world: saved and lost. Although Mark 8:22-24 is speaking of those called and chosen of God the LORD also depicts the lost as trees: Ezekiel 15:2-8. In Ezekiel 15:6 we read "...the vine tree among the trees of the forest" and we know this represents those lost of the world whom our Lord GOD will destroy as He is declaring here He will destroy "the inhabitants of Jerusalem" who represent all the church congregations.

Jeremiah 2:22
In verse 22 the LORD is speaking of the meaningless endeavors of mankind. "For though thou wash thee with nitre, and take thee much soap" is the LORD referring to mankind's attempts to legitimize their false faiths by using Him as a cover: Isaiah 30:1-2. In Isaiah 30:1 we see the LORD as He identifies the rebellious children. They are all those of the world who go their own way as they do not want to follow the path laid for them by the LORD; and this is sin. We are all servants of our Most High God and it is given unto us all to follow His will. To ignore His will is sin added to sin as our disobedience will dam us with every action we take that is not in accord with the will of God. In Isaiah 30:2 we see they have all gone their own way as the LORD says"That walk to go down into Egypt". Egypt is a place the LORD would never send His children because it represents, as I have pointed out in earlier verses, the domain of Satan. The LORD completes this scripture with "and have not asked at my mouth" and we know they could not ask at His mouth because they are all those whose eyes have been blinded and their ears have been deafened: Isaiah 6:9-10. Ah, they are all given that one opportunity to heed the will of God; however, if they will not then shall come their blinding and deafening: Isaiah 28:11-13. The LORD completes Isaiah 30:2 with"to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh, and to trust in the shadow of Egypt". Here the LORD is saying these people have gone completely over to Satan. Although a majority of them probably don't realize it they have all given all glory to Satan while their lives, their health, their strength and all the blessings in their lives are from the LORD. These are the multitude of things for which the LORD will require payment in their end. If you are elect of God your payment has been made by the Christ. If you are not elect of Him but, you humble yourself unto Him and live your life according to His will He will forgive your debt in your end as His death at the cross gives Him that right. However, if you are not elect of Him and you choose to go your own way then in your end He will require payment for the blessings you have greedily and ungratefully squandered. We must remember everything the LORD does is with a purpose and if you are not living in accord with His will you are squandering even stealing the blessings given unto you because they are given unto you for a reason: Malachi 3:5-11.

Reading Malachi 3:6 we see the LORD begins to speak to the lost: "ye sons of Jacob". Our God is the merciful God therefore He does not immediately punish them for their insubordination. In Malachi 3:7 the LORD identifies all those unto whom He speaks as He says "Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ordinances". This is to say from the beginning of time the LORD knew those who would doubt and disobey His law; so, He saw their ways before they ever were: "Even from the days of your fathers". In the final 2 sentences of this verse we see the LORD as He pleads with lost mankind but, the response is exactly what we have come to expect: "Wherein shall we return". This is to say, why should we? In Malachi 3:8 the LORD is telling mankind they have robbed Him in tithes and offerings. However, because of the past role of the churches people think this is referring to the "chump change" tossed into the bucket on Sunday morning: it's not. This refers to all of you. The LORD is calling you to do His will and His work with all your heart and soul. Our Lord GOD gave His soul before the foundation of the world, Ephesians 1:3-5, then again He died in body at the cross that His elect would be saved both in soul and body. Since the death of the Christ on the cross only paid for the salvation of ones body, 2 Peter 2:1, if your soul was not saved before the foundation of the world when you die you are dead in both soul and body forevermore. The LORD did all mankind a great service on the cross, not just His elect, but even those who were not elect of Him as His death on the cross saved them from the dominion of Satan: Luke 10:18.

In Malachi 3:9-10 the LORD says "Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation". The curse the LORD speaks of is the damnation to begin before death in soul and body then it will culminate with that final death. It is to come because all mankind, "this whole nation", has robbed our God as we take His blessings daily and don't uphold our end of the commitment. Yes, we have a commitment to God as He blesses us all daily with life; the majority of us are blessed with good health and strength while unto some of us He has even granted wealth. These are the blessings the LORD has granted us and in return we are to seek His will for our lives but, the lost do not. They run in their own way seeking their own desires with no regard for the LORD: "Wherein shall we return". The LORD opens verse 10 with "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be meat in mine house". This verse is opening with the summation of the entire matter; allow me to explain. The LORD here is telling His chosen, as only His chosen will hear and heed His will, to go forth and gather His elect from amongst the world. This we know because the LORD has already told us He does not seek a monetary offering. The only offering we have is our service and that is the offering or the tithe our God wants. So we are to do His will with all our bodies and souls taking His word to this world; from amongst the world the LORD will then take His elect. He will make His elect His chosen and show mercy unto all those of the world who are not His elect, if they will humble themselves unto His will as it is written in His word. All those of the world who will not hear His word but, will go their own way seeking their own desires He will allow them to pursue their own desires as He will bring them truth only once: Revelation 2:20-23. Then He will proceed to blind their eyes and deafen their ears until He will bring them to judgment. You must also realize that no one escapes this not even those who die before the end. We know that once born into this life the only way out is through the judgment process. This mean whenever and however we die the LORD will extract the payment due unto Him. Therefore if one is lost and is shot in the head they may only live for a minute or less however, in that minute of less the LORD will take that person out of the world's time continuum and bring them into His where there is no time. That person will then suffer an eternity of pain before the LORD will return them to this life to die. "No one" will cheat God as He will extract the payment due unto Him for the blessings He has given each of us: Isaiah 48:8-11. In Isaiah 48:8 we see the LORD knew, even before we ever were, who would take His blessings and go their own way. In Isaiah 48:9 we see the LORD will refrain from instantly destroying those who refuse His direction, because of their relationships to His chosen; "...and for my praise will I refrain for thee". In Isaiah 48:10 we see the LORD has a plan for everyone who has and will refuse His way and, in time, not even their relationships to His chosen will ease their suffering; "I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction". In Isaiah 48:11we see the LORD has determined to bring into the lives of those lost the "furnace of affliction" to gather payment for the blessings given to those who went their own way;"For mine own sake, even for mine own sake, will I do it".

In Malachi 3:11 we see the LORD telling all those who are not elect of Him but choose to follow His will what He will grant them in return for their allegiance. We do know these people are not the called and chosen of God as we see the LORD is focusing on His blessings unto them in this life; He says nothing of the life to come since, for them, there is no life beyond this. However, we do know He will have mercy on them in their end: Revelation 11:13. In Revelation 11:13 we see seven thousand were slain and we know, from the Bible, the numbers ten and seven consistently represent completeness. This is saying all mankind are destroyed leaving only those who did humble themselves before the LORD as lost mankind won't humble themselves regardless of the torment they are forced to endure: Revelation 16:9. Those of mankind who are not elect of God but, do humble themselves before His will remain alive in the end giving all glory to the God of heaven. The LORD will then, without any pain or suffering, put these people to sleep forevermore. At this time all mankind that remained on earth are dead in soul and body. Satan's demons have also been destroyed along with lost mankind, Revelation 19:19-21, but Satan himself will be burned along with his kingdom, the world, in the end: Revelation 19:20.

In Malachi 3:12 the LORD is still speaking of those He has not saved but who have humbled themselves before Him as He tells of the blessings He will bring unto them throughout this life; and, we can know His mercy unto them will continue through their deaths.

In Malachi 3:13 the LORD goes back to speaking of those who are lost and will not humble themselves unto His will. These are all those who seek their own way but, they desire the LORD to accept them rather than they humble themselves to Him: Isaiah 4:1. Isaiah 4:1 represents the sentiments of all the lost of this world. This is evidenced in the last sentence of the verse where we read, "What have we spoken so much against thee?" as these people seek their own way they pretend they are going the LORD'S way.

In Malachi 3:14 we get a look into the minds of the lost. We see they truly feel it is a vain thing to serve the One True God; however, the LORD created mankind to serve Him. Consequently we see the lost have, in all actuality, determined their own fate as they have determined their purpose is vanity and just as our Lord GOD regards vanity as nothing, Isaiah 41:28-29, in their end He will have the same sentiment toward the lost.

In Malachi 3:15 we see the LORD telling us of the end result of verses 13 and 14 as men have gone their own way. They have determined what is right for them in all aspects of their lives as they have traded the truth of God for the lies they desire to accept. Seeing this we know God has given them over as they have had that one opportunity to humble themselves unto Him: Romans 1:28.

Jeremiah 2:23
In verse 23 we are hearing the LORD as He describes all congregation members. We know these are the congregations He speaks of because these people say they are not polluted and they have not gone after Baalim; but, the people of the world make no such claim as this question would never enter their thoughts. So we see all who make this claim are congregation members as they are making the claim by their congregation membership. The LORD also refers to them as swift dromedaries traversing their ways. This is to say none of them are saved as a dromedary in the Bible is an unclean animal and it is representative of one who is lost. Therefore camels here represent those lost of Judah; they are all those who would not hear the word of the LORD while Judah itself is representative of the world. It is imperative that you see how the LORD speaks to us through His word. One cannot simply read the word of God as though he were reading a comic book. If you do you will miss all the wisdom our Lord GOD has put there for us. You must begin with a prayer unto Him; always asking for wisdom, understanding and knowledge that He may open your eyes enabling you to see all that lies beneath the surface of what He has written. For the LORD has written most of the Bible in parabolic form giving many verses several meanings. However, for one to comprehend the deeper meanings in the word one must pray to the LORD for the wisdom to understand what is being taught.

Jeremiah 2:24
In verse 24 the LORD continues with His depiction of lost mankind. "A wild ass used to the wilderness, that sniffeth up the wind at her pleasure" is the description the LORD gives of the lost. This is to say they run without direction as they refuse all of His guidance. The LORD continues His discourse with "in her occasion who can turn her away". This is evident as the lost come of age, "in her occasion", they immediately navigate away from the truth of God as they go forth seeking their own desires with no regard for the will of the LORD. The LORD closes this verse with "all they that seek her will not weary themselves; in her month they shall find her". This is verification of the earlier interpretation for as it was said when the lost come of age they will go their own way seeking their own desires with no regard for the LORD. Our Lord GOD says the same thing again in a different way as He says "in her month they shall find her"which is to say as they mature, "in her month", the lost will follow their own desires taking them in any direction they choose: "sniffeth up the wind at her pleasure". So we see they have no regard for God's truth and whatever direction they may go we can be certain it will be away from the LORD, Matthew 7:13-14; and, because we are all servants of the LORD this is sin.

Jeremiah 2:25
In verse 25 the LORD sums up the attitude of the lost toward His word as tantamount to blatant defiance. This disrespect of the law of God is seen in the decisions the lost make regarding everything from their marriages and their divorces on to their worship practices. It doesn't require more than a very few minutes of conversation about the right thing before you'll know the current election status of any person. If an individual lives out their entire life lost, doing as they see fit, in their end the LORD will justly compensate them for all their self-directed endeavors: Jeremiah 1:15-16. Remember how I have, in earlier papers, shown the kingdoms of the north represent Satan and his demons: Isaiah 14:13. So too it is evident in many places in the Bible that Judah and Jerusalem represent the world and the multitude of religious denominations respectively: Jeremiah 11:6-14. Although the church did not exist during the time of this writing we can see the same scenario exists in the churches today. In Jeremiah 11:8 we see the people have broken the covenant of the LORD; just as the churches have done and will continue to do. In Jeremiah 11:8 we read "...but walked everyone in the imagination of their evil heart". This is the explanation for the multitude of faiths we have today in the face of the fact that there is only One True God; consequently, there can only be one true faith. To quell the sentiments of those who would argue "that wasn't the church back then" I offer Acts 7:36-53. In Acts 7:38 we see Paul specifically referring to those people Moses led out of Egypt as "the church". Notice also in Jeremiah 11:11-12 we have the same scenario acted out over and over by the lost. In 1 Samuel 28:3-19 we see Saul as he does the exact same thing making it very evident that in their end the lost will always show their true allegiance.

Throughout the Bible our Lord GOD speaks to us via parables, metaphors and allegories as He shows us the deeper meanings hidden in His word. We see this clearly in Galatians 4:22-28 as the LORD explains, once again, the dichotomy intrinsic to this life. To one who has been chosen the meaning of these verses would be clear however, to those who are lost these verses would say everything but what they truly says; hence, you have the foundations of the multitude of faiths. This is to say nearly every church has its own meaning for the same verse. At an initial glance it would seem that Galatians 4:26 was referring to us all as the verse says "...the mother of us all" however, this cannot be the case. If you read verses 22 to 25 carefully it should be clear to you that the Lord GOD has established the existence of two uniquely different people: His and everyone else. It should then be clear to you that His use of the wordall is only referring to His; which is to say all of His. In the final three clauses of Jeremiah 2:25 we see the Lord GOD has put to words the sentiments of the lost. The strangers the lost will pursue are their own desires as they worship whatever they choose. The Lord GOD refers to these desires as strangers because they are not of Him: Isaiah 17:10-11. In Isaiah 17:10 the pleasant plants are the children of the lost and the strange slips are the many false doctrines these children will be taught. In Isaiah 17:11 we see all the work put into raising these children will be for naught as"...the harvest shall be a heap in the day of grief and of desperate sorrow". Also notice Isaiah 17:14, if you read it carefully, would seem to say the end will come in one night. The LORD says "This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us": the plight of the lost. Also on the last day it will be night everywhere, as the LORD will remove the sun all over the world: Revelation 6:12.

Jeremiah 2:26-27
In verse 26 the LORD draws the analogy between the shame of a thief who has been caught and the house of Israel. At first glance one would think this implied true shame but, it does not. A true thief is a career thief who will be caught only to do it again. So, a thief is not ashamed when he is caught, he is only angered. This is exactly what the LORD is saying about the house of Israel in Jeremiah 6:13-15.

In verse 27 we see the LORD as He speaks of all the religious practices of mankind throughout time. This even includes today as most faiths don't use figurines of statues in the traditional sense but, they do have their own belief system which is strange to the LORD as it is not of Him. Therefore we see the lost continue to anger the LORD of Host, Psalm 106:6-48, and this will continue on until their end.

Jeremiah 2:28
In verse 28 the LORD speaks of the many false gods men have conjured up to satisfy their own desires. The LORD shows us, through Jeremiah, the need of men to "be their own boss"; however, this is not possible. Mankind was created to serve the LORD but, only those who are called and chosen will: Isaiah 41:9-10. None chosen of God will be on earth that last day as all who remain on this earth during the last day are those who will humble themselves before the power of God, Revelation 11:13, and those lost who will not, Revelation 16:9. It is those who will not repent to give God the glory our Lord GOD speaks of in verse 28 for they have manufactured their own gods: the multitude of false faiths. Consequently their imaginary gods only have imaginary power and such power is only beneficial in the minds of the lost. Notice the LORD closes the verse with "...O Judah"; this is to say He is speaking to the world.

Jeremiah 2:29-30
In verse 29 the LORD posses a question to the world however, this is yet another rhetorical question. The LORD will not hear the world as they have all rejected His will until their trouble came. The LORD continues with verse 30 as He speaks of the generations of people He has attempted to reason with but, they simply would not hear Him. His mention of prophets is in regard to the true prophets of God, Jeremiah 7:22-26, as lost mankind has never been inclined to the will of God, Matthew 23:29-34, and so it continues even today.

Jeremiah 2:31
The LORD opens verse 31 with "O generation". There will be only one generation from the foundation of the world on until the end of this world. Think about this, when we have children they are the next generation. We will expire and the process will continue. When the LORD creates us He will never expire, but He will continue on to create until the end; henceforth "generation", since there is only one father of us all: Malachi 2:10-11. Notice in Malachi 2:11 we see once again the Lord GOD speaking of "...a strange god" who is the god conjured in the mind of a man. As the verse continues we see the LORD speaking to the people of the world as Israel represents the world. The LORD ponders several questions that boil down to one; has He not provided guidance, His word, to mankind? He then answers His question with the response of mankind to His word: "We are lords; we will come no more unto thee". This is evident as mankind seek their own desires going their own way totally ignoring and even changing the word of God to suit their individual lifestyles. Although this activity is seen throughout the world it is most apparent in the churches as each one manipulates the word of God to give credence to what they will accept.

Jeremiah 2:32
In verse 32 the LORD is drawing the analogy of the bride and her dependency on her attire to His people and their dependency upon Him as we, if we are saved, are dependent upon Him as we are clothed with the righteousness of the Christ: Isaiah 61:8-11. This relationship exists only between the LORD and His chosen; not with the world. The LORD opens Isaiah 61:8 with "For I the LORD love judgment, I hate robbery for burnt offerings". If the LORD hates this we should certainly look very closely at it. To begin with we know because it's in the Bible it's relevant to us all so, what could the LORD mean by robbery for burnt offerings? Ah, burnt offerings were sacrifices unto the LORD, Ezekiel 20:40, the vast majority of which He did not want Isaiah 1:11-14. So, the present day equivalent to a burnt offering would be a tithe. Knowing this we look again at this clause and we see the LORD is saying the tithe the congregations give, supposedly to Him, on Sunday morning is robbery. How could this be? It is because He wants all from us and all is not your money but, it's you. He requires all He will empower you to do in His service. This is because we are owned by the LORD consequent to His spiritual death before the foundation of the world and His death in body at the cross. Notice now in Jeremiah 2:32 the LORD says "yet my people have forgotten me days without number". The reference to my people is all the lost of the world; past, present and future as the LORD is the creator of us all: Isaiah 45:12. On the cross Jesus the Christ bought the bodies of everyone, saved and lost, from the dominion of Satan: Matthew 27:50-53 and 2 Peter 2:1. Yes, as long as Satan had rule on earth he had dominion over the bodies of the saints which were on this earth but, not their souls. So the saints could live out their lives without harassment from Satan because he couldn't harm the body without harming the soul which belonged to Jesus. However, after their deaths the LORD could not have raised them in soul and body because their bodies were of this world and everything of this world belonged to Satan. After the Christ's death on the cross Satan was thrown down to earth and his supreme dominion over lost mankind was taken away. Consequently lost mankind are now given a choice; they can choose to follow the Christ or they can go their own way. Unfortunately the mass majority of lost mankind will follow the temptations of this life, Jeremiah 18:12, as they have forgotten the LORD "...days without number".

Jeremiah 2:33
In verse 33 the LORD asks "Why trimmest thou thy way to seek love"? This is our Lord GOD speaking to those of the world who know of Him. He is asking why they forsake His way as He has given it to them in His word for the love of the world; as the world is carnal and to be carnally minded is death: Romans 8:5-9. The LORD closes this verse with "therefore hast thou also taught the wicked ones thy ways". The wicked ones are those who are of this world and possess no knowledge of God. The LORD is saying the people who have His word and "...trimmest thou thy way" are teaching the world the exact opposite of what the LORD desires as they pursue the things of this world. In Jeremiah 42:11-16 we see those who know of the LORD, these are not saved people they simply know of the LORD, as the LORD tells them how to proceed and what will befall them if they do not heed His will. However, in Jeremiah 43:2-7we read of those who don't know God but know of the LORD as they "trimmest thou thy way to seek love" by pursuing their desire to go into Egypt. In Egypt they perceive life will be better; therefore they are following a primary motivating desire of this world: easy living.

Jeremiah 2:34
In the opening clause of verse 34 we read "Also in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents". The poor innocents are, just as I once was, mislead by the views of the world: Ezekiel 13:16-21. In Ezekiel 13:17 the LORD says "...set thy face against the daughters of thy people". This portion of the verse is making clear the LORD is speaking to all mankind as "the daughters of thy people" mean everyone because the Christ went to the cross for everyone, 1 John 2:1-2, making us all His once again. The LORD also characterizes all mankind as women, Isaiah 32:9-14, hence the expression daughters. We can know the mention of women in Isaiah 32:9-14 refers to all mankind because in Isaiah 32:11 the LORD tells the women to "...gird sackcloth upon your loins" and we know loins is a masculine noun; hence, by His use of the term loins the LORD has identified men and by His use of the expression women the LORD has clearly identified women. Consequently we do know He is referring to all mankind. Ezekiel 13:17 continues with "...which prophesy out of their own heart". This clearly says they are false prophets who do not speak truth but, speak what they desire; to whom could this possibly refer? In Ezekiel 13:18 we read "Wow to the women that sew pillows to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature to hunt souls". If there is a pillow sewn to the armhole of your shirt you cannot put it on. In this same sentence "every stature" can be translated "every form". Making some substitutions we comprehend the sentence as saying Wow to those people who block the way, and make nets upon the head of every form to hunt souls. This interpretation is easier for us to comprehend while it says the same thing. "Every Stature" or every form in this verse means every religious belief. Kerchiefs or nets are for gathering the souls taken in the hunt. The LORD closes Ezekiel 13:18 with two rhetorical questions to which the answers are obvious: impossible. In Ezekiel 13:19the LORD continues to speak of the people who block the way. In Ezekiel 13:20 the LORD is continuing to speak of those mentioned in the preceding verse as He says He is against them and they will not prosper in their endeavors. In Ezekiel 13:21 we see the LORD will tear the nets established by those who block the way freeing His people from their control.

Jeremiah 2:35
In verse 35 we see our Lord GOD as He tries to make mankind aware of their separation from Him. Many people in this world feel "I have not sinned" and this stems from a basic lack of understanding of God. The holiness of our Most High God does not allow for even a single questionable thought. Therefore, for any human being to even contemplate the thought that they have not sinned is actually laughable. It is a blatant lie told in the face of God for any person to say, whether they truly believe it or not, they have not sinned. Jeremiah 2:22-25 is the description of all mankind until God calls and chooses us. In every aspect of our lives from our religious beliefs on to our social commitments we are shaped by this world which has fallen to sin: we cannot avoid it. This is the reason the LORD has called those who are His out of the world that we are not to be partakers in the things of the world: 1 Corinthians 5:9-13.

Jeremiah 2:36
In verse 36 the LORD says "Why gaddest thou about so mush to change thy way"?This is a very interesting sentence primarily because I can not find a definitive meaning for the term gaddest. However based on the sentiments of verses 35 thru 37 it seems to have a meaning similar to quibble or simply to evade the truth. When we read the verse with this understanding it makes perfect sense. As the verse continues the LORD tells us "thou also shall be ashamed of Egypt, as thou wast ashamed of Assyria". This is because, as I have pointed out in earlier papers, Egypt represents, like Assyria, the world. So, all those who follow the ways of this world are among those who will be ashamed: Ezekiel 32:30-32. Looking at Ezekiel 32:30 we see it opens speaking of the princes of the north. We know from other verses the north represents Satan's dominion; therefore this is referring to Satan's demons. The Zidonians here represent all the lost of the world. The expression "down to the pit" represents death in soul and body. In Ezekiel 32:31 Pharaoh is the synonym used for Satan and he will take comfort in the fact that he has the bulk of all mankind with him; however, it will all be for naught. Pharaoh or Satan and all his army, his demons and those of this world who follow him, will be "slain by the sword, saith the Lord GOD". In verse 32 our Lord GOD concludes the matter with the destruction of Satan and all those who follow him. In Ezekiel 32:16 the daughters of the nations are those our Lord GOD has saved. We will lament those lost who were dear to us until the LORD will wipe away our tears: Revelation 21:4.

Jeremiah 2:37
In this final verse of Jeremiah 2 we see the lost depicted as captured criminals taken from their leader, Satan. The final clause is saying the LORD has defeated Satan and rejected the beliefs, the confidences, of all those who did not believe in the LORD as He truly is. For there is only the One True God in whom they should have put their faith; whether they were saved or not.





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